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PTE Patch 8.1 Update Tutorial For Beginners

PTE Patch 8.1 is an updated version for the PTE Patch 6.0 + 6.1 + 8.0. Delk Choc created this unofficial update on the 27th of August, 2019. Though as the name suggests, PTE Patch 8.1 is not a patch. It is merely an update that you use for the older Patch versions. 

Before getting the PTE Patch, download and install the PTE Patch 6.0 followed by the PTE 6.1. However, the installation of the PTE Patch 7.1, 7.2, and 8.0 is optional. If you have already installed the PTE Patch 6.0 and 6.1, then move ahead with the installation guide of PTE Patch 8.1. 

What Extra can you Get with PTE Patch 8.1 Update?

Here is a list of new features that PTE Patch 8.1 offers:

  1. Edited and updated information for major clubs. 
  2. Face maker and last transfers 2020.
  3. Addition of more than 750 faces and Season 2019/2020 kits. 
  4. New stats are available for PES 2019/PES 2020/FIFA 19. 
  5. Stadiums Pack V2 is now linked with Advanced Managers. 
  6. The new pack contains 50 balls for the Season 2019/2020 only for the PES 2017. 
  7. Similarly, the New Boots Pack contains 100 Boots for the Season 2019/2020. 
  8. Goalkeepers can take advantage of 100 Gloves in the New Gloves Pack. 
  9. Additional crews and optional New Gameplay for players.
  10. The last feature is absolutely optional since users can enjoy the New Gameplay for PES 2017. 

How to Download PTE Patch 8.1 in No Time?

Choosing 1 Winrar part from Mega links or 1Mediafire links is mandatory for downloading the PTE Patch 8.1. Remember that the size of PTE update 8.1 is 2.2 GB only. 

Click any of the links mentioned above and wait for five seconds. Then click the Skip Ad button until you find the Download links of PTE Patch 8.0

Note: You need to unblock Adfly and Mega links, in case, they remain inaccessible. Update the latest Winrar 5.70 version if you experience any extraction errors. Alternatively, you can use the 7zip program as well. 

Installation of PTE Patch 8.1:

  1. First, make a folder and rename it as ‘PES 2017 Backup”. 
  2. Go to the Documents folder on your computer and open ‘Konami’ and ‘PES 2017’. 
  3. Next, open the ‘Save’ folder, copy the ‘Edit00000’ files and paste it into the backup folder you have created. 
  4. Create a shortcut of the backup folder and right-click on it. 
  5. Select ‘Open File Location’ and open the Download folder. 
  6. Copy ‘Dpfilelist.bin’ file and paste it in the PES 2017 backup folder. 
  7. Navigate to the location where you have installed PES 2017 and double-click on the ‘Data’ folder. 
  8. Copy ‘dt-18_win.cpk’ file and paste it in the backup folder. 
  9. Move to the download location of the PTE 8.1 file and follow the download process. 
  10. Right-click on ‘Winrar part’ and select ‘Extract to PTE 8.1’ 
  11. Open the extracted folder, copy each file, and paste it in the Documents folder. 

You have successfully installed the PTE Patch 8.1. However, you can replace these files and restore your previous PTE Patch

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