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When it comes to the benefits, you should know that there are loads of them that you can get from this marketing methodology. It’s not like the other offline marketing efforts that you might have tried earlier. With the help of digital marketing, you can see the results in real time with full accuracy. It’s quite difficult to estimate how many people have paid attention to the offline advertisement that you have made. But, in case of the online digital marketing, you get the full flexibility to know them very well. You can have the full information of the website traffic if you are using this digital marketing. With proper attribution modeling, you can trace all of your sales back to your business without facing any further problem. It also allows you to identify the latest trends in the business you have. 

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It always depends on the needs of the customers for your business because they are the deciding factor here. Creating different buyer personas should be the first step in recognizing their requirements. The online content should be written in such a way that it reflects the information you tend to offer your clients. The characteristics of the content should be mapped to match the buyer personas in any manner. There are different stages to follow like the awareness stage, consideration stage, and then finally the decision stage. With the help of these stages, you can easily make the most appropriate content for your business.