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How to Contact Yahoo for Support Information

Yahoos is one of the best email service providers that make a noticeable footmark in catering to the email service. With having a huge database and numerous amount of customer base, they provide relentless service to their users. Moreover, it is really a need to have an excellent customer service center to maintain such a huge client base.

Why do you need to Contact Yahoo Support?

In the further section of this article, we will discuss the ways to contact the Yahoo support team to get rid off the problem. But, before that, you should know about the common problem that users face with their Yahoo account.

There are enough solutions available on the Internet for a specific problem related to your Yahoo account. But, how do you know which genuinely leads to the solution? For that, users prefer to contact the official support center so that they would not go through hassles.

Common Problems related to Yahoo Account

If you are a Yahoo user you may face any of the following problems. In this section, we make you familiar with almost every type of problem that users can encounter while using Yahoo service. We have gathered information about the problems from various blogs, feedback sections, comment sections, etc and these are as follows

  • No longer access Yahoo account
  • Can’t open the email
  • Forgotten Yahoo password
  • Yahoo account blocked
  • Mail server not responding
  • Remember account information but phone no was blocked years ago
  • Not able to recover yahoo.mail
  • Unable to configure email forwarding

There are other problems that users also face but we only have mentioned some major issues. If you don’t find the problem what you are looking for in the list, just follow the below section to reach Yahoo support in order to solve your problem.

How Can You Reach Yahoo Customer Service

There are certain ways by which you can get in touch with Yahoo support with your account-related issues. We have arranged below all the assistance options available for Yahoo support. Try any one of those that suit your demands abse on the problems you face.    

Yahoo Phone Support

You may have heard that Yahoo does not provide support over voice calls through a phone call. But, in reality, it is not true at all as you can easily get in touch with their live agents via calling if you are a Pro user.

If you are already a pro user, you can just follow the steps to talk to a live Yahoo agent about your problem. Once you land on the page you will get to see an option like “Speak with a live agent” next to “Sign-in Helper”. Click on that option and you will be connected to a live agent to discuss your problem.

You can use this service any time as they are available to serve you for 24 hours a day. Moreover, they have given a link on that page to change and reset your Yahoo account password for free. Hence, one can avail their Pro service at $4.99 per month to access premium service along with a smooth phone support service for account-related issues.

Yahoo Help Center

Yahoo also caters to its users to write the issues and queries directly in the search field that they provide on the Yahoo Help Center page. You need to first go to the official Yahoo Help Page.

In the provided field, type the keywords related to the issues that you are facing while using the Yahoo account. Hit the “Search Help” button to get a list of articles related to the issue. Look for the appropriate article that seems to solve your problem. Follow the instructions properly to get to the solution.

Support from Social Media Pages

This is another way to get to the support service of Yahoo and get it solved within less time. Yahoo is really active in their social media pages, so one can easily take advantage of this.

If you are facing any issue you can directly share it on the official social media pages of Yahoo. Yahoo is available on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler. Just log in to the social sites and share your issue on its page.

Yahoo Email and Live Chat Support

If you are still looking for another way to contact Yahoo for support, you can use this method. Yahoo also provides email and live chat support to its customers in order to solve the issue with detailed analysis. Follow the steps below to know the way to access Yahoo Email and live chat support.

Visit the official Yahoo Help Center page. Click on the “Contact Us” button located at the left panel of that page. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your email address and choose the product for which you are inquiring. Hit on the “Get Started” button after verifying that you are not a robot.

In the very next screen, you will be given two options like “Contact Yahoo Specialist” and “See product related help articles”. Select the first option.

After that, you would be given options from where you need to choose a problem category. After selecting the problem category, select the type of problem that you are facing with the Yahoo account.

In the next screen, you will get to see two options: “Email a Yahoo specialist” and “Chat with a Yahoo specialist”.

If you want to avail the Email support choose the right option. After that, you need to type some information when the screen prompts and you will get the assistance Yahoo email support specialist. Also visit: How to Fix: Gmail Server Error 007

If you choose the live agent support option, you also need to enter some of the details on the next page. Once you fill-up the details, click on the “Create Request” button to get connected to a live Yahoo agent.

These are all the possible ways by following which you can get connected to the Customer Center for Support Information. You can also follow the FAQ page of Yahoo’s official website to look for issues that users usually face.

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