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ZabaSearch: How To Use This Tool For People Search?

ZabaSearch is a free to access tool that is used by many people in the US to find information about an individual. If you are looking for someone or want to contact your old friend from school or college then instead of searching it on social media platforms, you can easily access them online on this ZabaSearch platform and get more information about them.

What is ZabaSearch and How It is Useful?

ZabaSearch is a well-known people search tool that focuses on finding detailed information about individuals, such as, their name, phone number, address and so on. With its easy to access features you can narrow down your search results to a particular city or state. This makes it easy for the users to find information regarding someone. It also provides you with an option to check an individual’s background.

According to a research, it has been found that the number of residential listings on this website is approximately three times of the white pages. In short, this ZabaSearch website is a compilation of all the relevant data about individuals that are available publicly. This means there are chances that the data provided here might be incorrect or even not available at all. ZabaSearch also provides you with an option to eliminate your personal data from here if you don’t want to keep a record of it. As no registration is required, people use this website to search as much as they can.

How does ZabaSearch Discover Information about People?

ZabaSearch analyzes and indexes its information from a broad range of public record sources that are available publicly. This might include yellow pages, white pages, property records, marketing forms, court records, sweepstake entries, and records from voter registration, social media profiles, personal websites and others.

But it is important to note that ZabaSearch actually does not host all this information. It just locates and collects all the available data related to your search based on any particular name, address or phone number and collates it in one place. Thus, it makes it easier for the user to find all this information that’s already available online.

Many people find this ZabaSearch website quite controversial as it uncovers private information of an individual and makes it public. Thereby, it has a mistaken reputation for making private data and information publicly accessible.

How to Look for Someone on ZabaSearch?

There are some specific ways using which you can find anyone on ZabaSearch.

Search via Name

You can use the name of the person to find them. All you need to do is navigate to the official website of ZabaSearch. Then on the Homepage, you will get a text box. There you need to enter the first and last name of the person that you are looking for. In case, you know the state where he/she currently lives in, then you can also provide it to get filtered results. Otherwise, you will get a display of top 100 results.

Search via Phone Number

You can also find the person on ZabaSearch by doing a reverse search through their phone number. You can do so either directly from the Homepage or from the Reverse Phone Lookup page. Just you need to provide the ten-digit number and select the area code, and you will be good to go with the results.

Perform an Advanced Search

You can also narrow down your results by using the Advanced Search for Common Names option on ZabaSearch website. Here you get the option to provide a middle name along with your first and last name and you can also mention the city or state where he/she currently resides in. Furthermore, you can also filter the results based upon the age. In case, you are unsure about the age of the person, then select the All Ages field.

The only drawback is that ZabaSearch does not allow you to do a reverse search based upon the address.

Here is a List of Standard Search Options Present on ZabaSearch:

Free People Search

For utilizing this option, you need to go to the official website of ZabaSearch. From there, navigate to the search input box and enter the full name that you want to search. The results that are displayed include phone numbers and registered addresses as mentioned in the online public records. Furthermore, for filtering out the results, you can select a particular city, state and ZIP code.

Reverse Phone Lookup

While using this option, first of all, click on it. Then go to the search input box and enter a 10-digit phone number. The displayed results will show you the name and address of the person associated with the phone number. Along with the address, you will also receive the geographical locations.

Free Area Code Search

After entering the three digit area code in the search box, you will get complete information about the area. This includes a map of the area, its geographical location and data of the area code of that particular area.

Free Zip Code Search

This is somehow similar to the previous option. Just here you need to enter the ZIP code of the location of the person you want to search. The displayed results will provide you with a map of that region and other relevant geographical information regarding it.

Free IP Address Search

If anyone sends you an email from a particular IP address and you are looking for its owner, then you need to type in that address in the search box. The displayed result will show you all relevant information with the ISP owner.

Advanced Search

With this option, you can search an individual by providing their name (this might include middle name and last name too), state, city and ZIP code.

Message Search

Through this option, you can check who is looking out for you or if any ZabaSearch users have left any message for you. This search engine will crawl through all your messages and ultimately you will be able to find the relevant information regarding the individual you are looking for.

Top 25 Search Options

This option allows you to browse through the top 25 most searched names in the past few hours. Simply by clicking on the name, it will display you the results of these searches, along with the number of times it has been searched. However, it also provides you with an estimated location of those users who have already searched for it.

List of the Premium (Paid) Search Services Present on ZabaSearch:

Social Security Number Search

This option can only be accessed by those paid users who are using the premium services of ZabaSearch. You can get detailed information about the person by entering their social security number of 9-digits.

Background Search

With this option, you can look for an individual’s background history for the past 20 years. Provided by Intelius, this service also includes any alterations made in phone number, address and other data for the last two decades.

Reverse Cell Number Search

You can avail the benefit of using this option through the premium version of ZabaSearch. This will help you to find an individual with a particular cell number.

Premium People Search

This paid option allows you to look for an individual by their name, age or their former address. The displayed results will let you know about the current phone number, current address and other relevant piece of information.

How to Delete your Personal Information from ZabaSearch?

If you find that the ZabaSearch website is displaying your personal details and you don’t want others to see it, then you can request ZabaSearch to block your information from appearing publicly on its website. You can easily do so by following the on-screen instructions that you will get from the Privacy Policy page of the ZabaSearch website.

Well! here you need to verify your reason identity and hence prove it. You can commonly do so through faxing a copy of any of your identification documents. It can be your ID card or even your driving license. In case, you are providing a copy of your driving license as a proof of identity, then make sure to cross-out your phone number as well as your photo. This is because the ZabaSearch website requires only the name of the person, their address and date of birth.

You can send your copy of identification document to Fax number (425) 974-6194.

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But keep in mind that if you update or change any information that is available in public records then once again your personal data will appear on the search result page of ZabaSearch. This happens because ZabaSearch considers it as a separate set of data.

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