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A document demonstrates that Facebook account can be skillfully hacked into with the *Three Trusted Friends* password rescue policy. Without any private code. After that, you need to create three fake accounts and send a friend request to the target account. If that account accepts your request then it is easy to do the next steps ahead because you are going to pretend those three accounts are actual accounts.

You need to click on the forgot password on the account login page which will send you to a verifying page where you need to give information about your email username and friends. There if you click on no longer access to the phone number or email then this page will send you to the three trusted friends. You just need to select the three fake accounts you invented. The reset password will deliver to those accounts and now you can hack your targeted account easily.

Other than this you can also take a look for more satisfying procedures to know how to hack a Facebook account.


  • Using applications
  • Using manual techniques
  • Using keylogging software
  • Adjusting password
  • Conclusions 

Using applications: 

The good way to do this utilizing an application such as a monitoring tool, mSpy. 

At first, you need to complete the registration procedure by creating an account and sign up with correct information.

After login into your account, you must fill all facts about the device you want to hack.

That is not all then you download the app on that device as well. It will work on android easily.

After the installation clicks on the *start monitoring/tracking* option. Now you can choose an application which is working and you can check everything a person is doing on his/her Facebook account. So now you know how to hack a Facebook account smartly.

Pros and cons :

You don’t have to have any technical skills. This application works in stealth mode.

You need to get real access with the target gadget. If the gadget destroys it somehow therefore you have to install it again. As we all know, a good application comes with good value.

Using manual techniques: 

Hacking Facebook accounts using a manual technique is a clever choice because here you do not need to install any apps furthermore it’s rightful and valid.

Try to fetch the email address of the target account holder. You can try a harvester to get all the logging knowledge.

Click on the *Forget Password* first. Secondly, on the asking of recovering email address give an email address which is not connected to the Facebook account holder you want to hack.

The Facebook authorities would ask you a few questions to know if you are the real account holder or not. If you know the other person enough you can cross this level and use your skills of how to hack a Facebook account effortlessly.

Pros and cons :

It is 101% free of burden and you can safely access it.

You need to know the mobile number and email address. The requirement of the ID of the targeted person. You must use a public computer to not get caught.

Using keylogging software:

Trying the keylogging software is one other technique to get through.

Sign up with an account on and install that software on the tracking device as well. Make sure to activate the app before access to keylogging service.

The harvested password app would seize all passwords the target person ever used for their device and take screenshots of their recent dealings.

Adjusting password:

You can use this scheme on those persons who usually try vulnerable passwords and give a chance to hackers. Nonetheless, this technique might not be that effective because it depends on luck. People frequently try dates and names which are largely important to them. If you know the target well enough you can know how to hack a Facebook account handily. 


Passwords are the security of Facebook accounts. Hacking them is illegal. In need, you can follow your kid’s transformation to protect them then try an authorized monitoring application.

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