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What Is Reverse Image Search?

If you want to search for cats, what will you do? You will simply write “top 10 cutest cats in the world” on the internet. With the blink of an eye, you will have a list of cute cats. Right? What if a scenario is different? You found a picture of a really cute cat and fell in love. But you do not know anything about it and want to search for some relevant information. Also, you will love to have some similar photos. How would you initiate the search? Well, this is the point where reverse Image Search can assist you. 

Reverse image search is a content-based image retrieval technique via which you can search for images or a list of multiple related images within a couple of seconds.

Some Specifications of the Technique 

Reverse photo search supports you in many different scenarios such as:

1.  You can find similar images with reverse image search. By similar, we mean that a list of all the visually related images. For example, just by uploading a picture of your favorite cat, you will get hundreds of photos of cats.

2.      This content-based image retrieval technique assists you in image identification.

3.      With this technique, you can find out detailed information about all the objects that are present in the image.

4.      If you want to search for the source of any image, you can easily find it with the help of reverse image search.

5.      Just upload a photo, and within seconds you will have all those websites which contain uploaded and related images.

6.      Sometimes we need any specific photo in different sizes. Take assistance from any image search engine for this purpose.

7.  To find out some high-resolution images.

Search Via an Image to Find Related Images

There are countless photos available on the internet, and it could be difficult to have a deep look at all of them in order to find the same or some visually related images. However, this is where “Reverse Image Search” comes to your rescue via different tools. Some of them are explained below.

DupliChecker; A Reverse Image Search Tool

It is one of the finest image search engines that offers you very appealing features without any cost. This tool is well known for delivering results in the blink of an eye. You can use this tool online on a laptop, desktop, Android, and iPhone. There is no need to get worried about the working procedure of this photo search engine and follow some simple steps to find photos related to the input photo.

1.  All you have to do is upload your image from your device. You can paste its URL or generate search process by any keyword.

2.      Once you upload the photo, there will be an option “search similar image”. Click it to initiate the search process immediately.

3.      You just have to wait for a couple of seconds to have the outcomes on your screens. 

4.      After the required time You’ll have a list of all the related images. Download and save them for future use.

5.  DupliChecker’s image search provides you with the real source of every photo to avoid copyright violations. Just give it a try!

Google reverse image search

Google has its exclusive reputation if we talk about reverse image search. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an image via laptops, smartphones or iPhone. This tool functions for any of your devices flawlessly. You Just have to copy the image from your collection, paste it in the given space and click on “search google for this image” to have the results. When you search image via Google then possibly you can get some irrelevant images as well.

 TinEye, Revlmg, Bing image match, Image identify and SmallSEOtools are some other reverse photo search engines that can find out similar images for you within minimum time.


By using reverse image search tools, you can have a list of all the related and similar images along with their authentic sources. For the best results search image by DupliChecker’s reverse image tool as it is the safest and secure among all of its competitors.   

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