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Top 5 Areas Where Millennials Are Investing In

According to Forbes, Millennials are by far the most responsible generation of investors in the last two hundred years. This is not only a huge compliment, but also reflects how investment has changed over the years. 

The generation prior to millennials favoured traditional stocks and shares. They liked investing in manufacturing and engineering. Another generation prior to millennials liked the idea of financial investments in lending companies and debt funds. 

When the 2007-08 Global Financial Recession occurred, it shook the world in a disastrous way. Thousands of jobs and employment opportunities were lost. Trillions of dollars in investments were wiped out from the NYSE. Honest people with hard-earned earnings bore the brunt of the mistakes and manipulations done by others.

The millennial generation was growing up and slowly moving into adulthood. In the following section, we will look at five areas, where millennials are strongly investing. 

5 Important Areas where Millennials are Investing: The List

  1. Alternative sources of Energy-

Millennials are not only looking to make money, they are also looking to change the world and create a better tomorrow. That is why millennials lead the pack when it comes to investing in alternative sources of energy. 

We are talking about Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Electrical Energy, etc. They want to invest in technology, which helps reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels like coal, diesel, natural gas and liquefied gases contribute to global warming and climate change. 

  1. Clean EV Technology to power Transportation-

Millennials are not only buying Tesla vehicles, but also investing in Tesla. The dangers of carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles is scientifically established. This is contributing to climate change and global warming. 

Almost all major manufacturers are now looking at investing and consolidating huge EV divisions. The future of automobile is electric. Millennials are the ones driving this change by investing in EV tech. 

  1. Investing in New Financial Assets like Cryptocurrencies-

Technology and innovations are a core area of millennials investments. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which challenge the existing financial order, have found many takers from the millennial generation. 

Being free to risks like inflation and emergencies, cryptocurrencies are now being considered seriously as an alternative model of global finance. If you wish to know more about investing in cryptocurrencies, please click the link- it.bitqt-app.com

  1. Businesses who work for Social and Cultural Causes-

Millennials are leading the investments when it comes to industries like CBD and Hemp. Many national governments are legalizing aggressively as a means to generate revenues and cut down on illegal activities. Millennials believe that more scientific research should be conducted in these areas. 

The stigma of such industries being anti-social does not appeal to them. They believe that technology and science can help explain the benefits it at all there are any. They also look at it from a highly profitable investment area. 

  1. Investing in Newer Companies and Start-Ups-

Millennials are smart investors who want to jump on the success bandwagon early. This means finding out, researching and investing in relatively newer companies and start-ups. Unlike earlier generations, they do not see too much value in the age of companies or of their CEOs. 

If they feel that the company is solid and has a great innovative team at its heart, they are willing to invest. This is also where they make the most profits and the higher losses from their investments. 


It would be unfair to state that millennials are irresponsible investors, simply because they are investing in cryptocurrencies and CBD. Millennials use technology to make informed decisions. The best part about all their investments- their investments are aimed at changing the world and making it a better place that it already is. 

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