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Tips for Guiding Students to Use Writing Time Effectively

Teachers in elementary and middle schools find writing time the most challenging part of their day. The reason is that the first few months of school can be difficult for new students because students don’t know how to write efficiently in a minimum time.

In writing, teachers and students can do many productive things together. As well as, writing time also gives students a chance to communicate with their teachers.

Moreover, It also encourages students to speak directly to their teachers about their problems. But the main problem most students face is how they manage their writing time. The reason is, some students have a slow writing speed. 

Students should learn some time management and writing tips in order to manage their time effectively. 

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In this article, we’re going to suggest some tips on how to effectively manage your writing time. Therefore, read this article until the end with full focus and interest.

Let’s get started, without any further ado:

1: Identify your student’s personality

So, as a teacher first you have to identify your student’s personality only then do you utilize their time in writing. See your student as normal people, not only as a writer. Behave them like friends, and parents. 

Also, try to find out their hobbies, and interest, about their family. After determining their personalities, you easily help them to improve their writing skills.

Even more, this activity also helps students to write what they like, and they use their writing time efficiently. Must ensure that students interact with each other and share their thoughts on different topics.

Additionally, as a teacher, try to do different activities in class with students. Suppose you ask grade K-3 students to draw heat maps and write their hobbies in this heart. 

The same technique can be applied to other grades as well.  As a result of completing this activity, students learn a lot about writing.

2: Conduct a pre-assessment with students

Pre-test helps students to identify their mistakes and in maths pre-tests play a very major role. With the help of pre-assessment, as a mentor, you identify easily about the progress of students with top-level essay writing service

Moreover, ask your students to write something about themselves according to their grade level. Using this activity, you can strengthen your student base. In addition, students perform well in writing tests if pre-assessments are conducted before their exams.

We assure you really understand the importance of pre-assessment, and you also try to conduct these assessments. Some examples of assessments of different grades are mentioned below:

1: Assessment for first grade

In first grade, ask students to write about something interesting that happened in their lives, such as feelings of happiness, fear, or excitement. But, they muse mention the beginning, middle and end in their stories just like an author.

2: Assessment for fifth grade

Students in fifth grade should be asked to write an essay on any topic of their choice. First make a plan after the selection of topic, and then choose your audience. 

Whenever you are knowledgeable about a topic, write about it and explain it well to your audience. This activity improve their vocabulary, and they become able what they want to express.

As a result of preassessment, students are able to think creatively. It is therefore the mentors’ responsibility to conduct these pre-assessments in schools. This enhances students’ writing skills and gives them a sense of confidence.

3: Keep observing the students

You are responsible for observing your students throughout the year as a teacher. As a result of this observation, students become good writers. 

In addition, you determine a great deal about your students through your interactions with them. You should observe in your student those characteristics listed below.

  1. Attitude
  2. Independence
  3. Management of time
  4. Engagement in the class
  5. Writing volume
  6. Sentence structure
  7. Ability of generating ideas

Furthermore, if you allow your students to demonstrate their writing skills, then you won’t have to spend so much time and effort on them. In addition, after knowing their weakness and strength, you can easily guide them. 

Additionally, it allows you to improve your teaching skills and guide your students with incredible methods. After this, your students become a good writer and use their time efficiently.

4: Focus on one project at a time 

As a mentor, guide your students it is possible they feel a lot of stress because of multitasking, so it is very essential to do one project at a time. 

Only they take those writing projects which they have done easily in a minimum time. Otherwise, they can’t achieve results what they want.

In addition, they can only achieve high results when they spend all their energy on a single task at a time.

 Concentrating on one project at a time also helps them to learn a lot. By doing this, they will enhance not only their knowledge, but also their creativity.

5: Take small breaks after a while

You also guide your students to take small breaks during writing, so their minds don’t become overly stressed. Writing continuously makes them bored, so they try to finish their project as fast as possible to get rid of it.

When they take a short break, they become more relaxed and are able to accomplish their tasks more efficiently.

Final Verdict

The article is all about the tips to guide students how they use writing time efficiently. We put our best to explain you in easy way about the tips of using writing time efficiently.

So, all the tips which we explained in this article help a lot in ehancing writing skills and time management. 

Some tips explained in this article such identifying student personality, pre-assessment, observing students, focusing and small breaks help teacher to guide their students.

The conclusion is, if you follow all these tips you defnitly guide students efficiently and easily. We hope you like our efforts and enjoy a lot to read it!

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