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Things to know about Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft Access is a Microsoft Office application developed by Microsoft. It helps in creating a desktop relational database that does not require a server to run. The Access database provides tools for creating tables, queries, forms, and reports. You can download the Microsoft Office application from the official website of Microsoft. Microsoft Access application is not for beginners as it needs an understanding of relational database theory. Experience writing queries in SQL and programming experience is required. MS Access enables you to create an easy database. This software is helpful for both home and office. 

Let’s discuss the benefits of Microsoft Access and how to make your Access Database super-fast.

Benefits of Microsoft Access:

Easy to Create Database System:

Microsoft Access is a tool that helps speed up the process of creating database applications. MS Access specialists take half the time to create a database compared to those using other platforms. The cost of the application is also reduced which makes users and many businesses consider Microsoft Access Cloud Database Hosting not only for its convenience but also to make it flexible to use from anywhere.

Comprehensive Programming Language like VBA:

VBA programmer will help you to turn your database into a full-fledged user-friendly application. It’s an easy-to-use system to keep your business running smoothly without any interruption.

Adaptable Database System:

You can easily change things in Access to suit other packages. If you want to add new bits to your system, you can integrate them as quickly as creating a new one. Access is perfect for businesses in the real world. You can make changes to Access at no cost or time. 

Flexibility with the cloud:

MS Access includes many new features. With each new version of Microsoft Office, Access evolves and introduces upgraded features. For example, improvements to SharePoint lists and integration with Access have made it possible to link full-featured desktop Access applications to data in the cloud. This can be very useful for some businesses as the database can be accessed remotely from any place on their Windows 10 Virtual Desktop which results in increasing the company’s flexibility and productivity.

Fully Integrated with Other MS Office Apps:

You can perform an email merge in Word by retrieving the name and address from the Access database and emailing the email using Outlook. This type of integration is available to the average user without any programming knowledge. You can link and import data from external files in your Access database.

How to Make Access Database Superfast?

To speed up the database, you need to make sure that every table has a primary key. If you want to use the Access database with other users, you can add a secondary index to optimize it, but now you can use the Access database splitter to split each one. You can make your database super-fast with a compact and repair tool. To speed up your app, you only need to load what you need.


Microsoft Access has lots of benefits and hosting it in the cloud just enhances its performance. To get the complete advantages of Microsoft Access on the cloud, you need a good hosting provider to host your Microsoft access database. 

Some of the best hosting providers like Apps4Rent who also provides services like Office 365 to Office 365 Migration for your business will be the best choice. These Hosting providers provide complete cloud solutions with benefits like automated updates, remote accessibility, multiple user access, quick sharing, etc.

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