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The Top Four Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Get a Graphic Design Job

You’ve heard it a million times. It’s not comforting when you’re stressed and trying to find your first job. Graphic design is very competitive because of its many aspects. It’s hard to land amazing projects when the market is competitive if you are a newbie designer. 

No matter what the reason, disappointment is often the result. It is not easy to find a job as a graphic designer. So what can you do to increase your chances of getting a career as a graphic designer? This article will discuss the most common issues junior designers encounter. 

We’ll also share 11 proven tips to help you get ahead. Before we get to the list, ensure you have a perfectly written resume. Then, if you need help– don’t worry! Reach out to SkillHub’s professionals in Philadelphia and spare yourself the stress. 

High Demand for Juniors 

It is difficult to find an objective reason for this. The demand for juniors is low. You might need the right degree to enter the industry, but hope exists! Your skills are what clients and companies most value. You can improve them. You need to demonstrate your skills well enough to attract attention. We now have to deal with the next problem. 

Poor Portfolio and Presentation 

Your portfolio is the most important way to attract clients. Your skills may be exceptional, but nobody will see them. Many managers admit that they don’t even look at an applicant’s resume if it’s not good. So what could be the problem? You might not be showing enough work or presenting the right stuff. Remember that your client will see this first; it’s the best representation of your work. 

We are not accepting feedback 

Your portfolio may be polished and present your best work, but not everyone will love it. It’s just the way it is. People like different things. You shouldn’t be defensive about your work, whether it’s for your client or your boss. 

Although some comments may be offensive, most of the feedback from clients reflects how they view the product. It’s not an attack on you. However, accepting feedback is important, and you must work with the client to find a solution. 

General vs. Specialized Design 

Even though you might have done all the right things, finding the job may still be difficult. It could be your type of service that is causing the problem. Graphic design has seen a significant increase in demand. Many job postings now require UX, UI, or product designers rather than a general one. There is a lot of demand for highly skilled designers. Choosing a direction could help you in the long term. 

How can you make it better? 

It is possible to change your situation with the right attitude and strategy. We have 11 tips to help you move faster and get a job if you feel stuck. 

Make Your Portfolio Shine 

Your portfolio is your graphic designer ID. It should showcase only your best work. You should also adjust it to reflect the job you are applying for so that it includes relevant work. A well-presented portfolio is a great way to stand out from the crowd and get a job in graphic design. 

Promote Your Work Everywhere 

It’s a great place to get your work noticed online. You can share your work on specialized networks such as Dribbble or Behance. Or, you can share it with your friends and followers via social media. These websites are visited by many potential clients looking for graphic designers. Therefore, learning how to create a strong online presence is important. 

Invest in Education and Courses 

Although it may seem cliché, investing in education is always smart. College degrees give students a solid understanding of graphic design principles and the ability to solve problems. Even if you don’t have formal education in graphic design, you can save a lot of time by reading college books and taking courses. 

Find what you like and specialize 

When discussing the future of graphic design, the term “specialization” is often used. However, many full-time positions that require UX, UI, or product design experts are available. You should take time to find out what you love and what you are good at. Then, after you’ve done this, put your efforts into it and move forward in your career. 

Master the Software 

No matter what job you aim to do, you will need some design software. Although some college courses may cover this, technology is constantly changing, and you must be up-to-date. Therefore, learning the software is always beneficial to have a better understanding. It also shows that you can work independently, which is a plus for the hiring manager. 

Internships are available 

Internships are beneficial in many ways. First, you’ll be able to observe the workings of a graphic design agency from a first-hand perspective. It could lead to a full-time job and help you start your career. 

Many internships are either unpaid or very low-paying. However, it is a great experience as an entry-level graphic designer if you can bear this. 

Create a peer network 

Maintaining a network of peers is essential if you want to be the first to hear about job openings. In addition, many design jobs aren’t available externally, so it is important to ask your colleague. Do not worry if your network isn’t strong yet. You can build it using the social networking sites we mentioned earlier (Behance, Dribbble). 

Take part in competitions 

You can also promote yourself online by submitting your designs to competitions. This allows you to be creative and work on something that interests you. As a result, you might be awarded a certificate or a medal. In addition, you can rest assured that employers will pay attention to your achievements so you can get a job or kickstart your career. 

Learn new skills by practicing 

Graphic design jobs often require you to work in a team. You should therefore consider developing your soft skills. In addition, professional communication and conduct are essential if you want to work with people. Finally, your personality will significantly impact whether or not you are hired. 

Launch Your Project 

Are you tired of waiting for others? Get involved in your venture! It’s not easy, but it can be rewarding and provide you with a lot of experience. Instead of being a tedious entry-level worker for large companies, your work can be related directly to what you enjoy. Your new project will also show clients your true capabilities as a graphic designer and open up new possibilities. 

Be persistent 

We need to remember to be persistent. Graphic designers can easily get discouraged when they run into closed doors. But, if you give up, there will never be any doors that open. Even the most accomplished designers were once beginners. However, it is often enough for someone to give you a chance and answer your questions. So keep knocking and lift your head. 


Graphic designers are in tough times. You’ve felt it firsthand. But, with creativity and effort, you can find your place under the Sun. We recommend that you remain open to all possibilities and consider tweaking your approach to get an edge over your competition. We wish you all the best in your job search! 

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