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The Most Common Computer Issues That Need a Tech Expert

Even after a great tech support, machines do show their tantrums sometimes. There are many common problems that a user faces in everyday life with their computers. Yet if you opt for good IT support, you can combat them with no stress and without wasting time.

In this article, we have listed the top seven common computer problems which you can get rid of by calling your local tech support.

Common Computer Problems That Calls For A Tech Expert

Let’s discuss some unpreventable issues which require tech support.

1. Login Problems

Well, this could be frustrating! Especially when you have a busy day ahead, and you are unable to even start it. Many times a computer does not support logging in to the system.

First of all check for the following:

  • Make sure your caps lock is off
  • Your password have not expired
  • Your account would have been locked due to multiple login attempts

If you are unable to login even after too many tries. You should call a nearby local tech team to help you get rid of the problem.

2. Blue/Black Screen of Death

Earlier (before Windows 11) it was a blue death screen. However, after the advent of Windows 11, now you may see a black death screen with a sad smiley saying that it needs a restart to let your computer function properly.

It could happen due to some hardware or driver’s issue. This error usually occurs when you install a new hardware. First of all, try restarting it. If still the problem persists, call your IT support provider for desk support and get it done.

3. Slow Downloads

When you need a file quickly and your computer starts acting like a snail, it’s exhausting. Firstly, just calm down and check if it’s the internet connection who’s the culprit.

If it’s the internet connection at fault, you can either change your router’s DNS server, or directly call the tech support team to change your router’s DNS server.

There are several tools and apps to search the best DNS server for your location. Once your router’s DNS server is updated, you will be able to experience faster downloads and web browsers.

4. Important Files Got Deleted

It’s very common! People often delete their files by mistake and then look for ways to recover it. Do not worry, we are sitting in 2022, where almost all computers/laptops create a backup of your files.

First of all, check the Recycle Bin. If you are unable to find your file there, then type the file name in the search bar and look for it. Mac Users please check your Trash for deleted files.

If nothing works, do not dig into the computer on your own, it may corrupt the existing backup. Call your IT support team, they will either visit your place or give you desk support.

Rest assured, there are high chances that you will get your deleted files recovered. 

Tip: Always make a cloud backup of your important files to avoid such stress.

5. Did Not Save The Document

It is one of the easiest and most common mistakes that maximum people do in hurry or stress. If you have done this, you are probably in a panic situation right now.

Well, there is a chance you get your document recovered if Microsoft 365’s AutoRecover feature is turned on in your computer. If you have the latest Microsoft version, it might be on by default.

Simply, open the app you were using (Word/PowerPoint Presentation/Excel) and check at the left sidebar. If you have got your file there, then you are out all set.

Otherwise, you know the solution. Just call your tech support provider, and do not do anything before they visit you.

6. Computer Speed Went Down

Possibly you are facing this issue because:

  • Multiple programs or software are running at the same moment
  • Schedule system updates or scans must be going on
  • Viruses or malware have got entry in your system


  • Close unnecessary tabs
  • Check if there’s any system update or scan going on
  • Run an antivirus scan to detect the presence of virus or malware

If nothing works, call your IT support provider.

7. Unexpected Shutdown

It could be due to overheating. Check your device for dust and make sure it is placed at a cool flat surface in a ventilated room to prevent overheating.

If it is so, you probably need to call the computer’s doctor – local tech support team.

The Conclusion

You know what, out of many advantages of local tech support the best thing about them is that they are just a call-away. If you encounter any of the above computer problems or even beyond these. You can ask for tech help anytime. They will help you out with their knowledge and expertise. Moreover, you will not need to wait for days to get your problem resolved. Thus, call your nearest local tech support provider whenever your computer tries to trouble you.

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