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The Best Smartwatch Apps

Recent news has surfaced that the total sale of smartwatches has already surpassed mechanical watch sales of all time. That’s staggering, to say the least because mechanical watches have been in circulation since the industry began. The smartwatch era is here, and it seems to take over in the next decade or so.

There’s no better time to buy a smartwatch than now. The market is ripe, and watch technologies are now becoming more and more advanced. Integration is at a peak as well, and you won’t find a better smartphone and smartwatch syncing as you will at any other time. If you are planning to get a smartwatch, the odds will surely be in your favor.

When you do get the smartwatch you want, the next thing to do is add important and necessary apps into it. We’ve collated the most useful, and you’ll be likely to pull up everyday apps in this article. Most of these apps are available in the dedicated Watch App Store and Wear OS Play Store.


Stressed out at the end of the day? The famous Calm app for smartphones, fortunately, has an extension watch app. It has a meditation feature that lets you be at your best every single day. If you want to feel refreshed, give this app a try. You won’t regret it. 

The app also lets you track your breathing exercises, and it reminds you to calm down a few times a day literally. While you can’t download this app on the best automatic watches, you can still have the official app on your phone if you want its other features.


Arguably one of the best music streaming apps in the world right now, Spotify has a dedicated app for both Apple Watch and Wear OS watches. The smartwatch app is a delight to use, preserving the best features of the music streaming service right into the timepiece on your wrist. 

You can easily transfer your playlists, download some favorite ones within the app, and stream music right on your smartwatch. Perfect for when your jogging or hiking, it will make your exercise more tolerable. Of course, a subscription is required.

Sleep as Android

Obviously, only available to Wear OS watches, the Sleep as Android app is one of the best sleep tracking apps in any smartwatch right now. Not only is it packed with features, but it also is powerful in every sense of the word. The best part of the app is its ability to let you track REM sleep.

Sleep as Android is also integrated with Philip Hue smart lights. This way, you can control what the lights in your room look like. There’s no other sleep tracking app as smart as this app in the market today, so download it right now. 

Nike+ Run Club

Even if you’re not as athletic as some people, the Nike+ Run Club app will make your transition to becoming more mobile as seamless as it can be. The app is now available to both iOS and WearOS devices so whatever your smartwatch is, it’ll fit right in. In its latest iteration, the app is more intuitive, with progress tracking and running insights.

Data is also synchronized to both of your devices, so the runs you do with your watch will be automatically synced to the app on your phone. The fitness modes inside the app are one of its highlights, while the simple interface makes everything minimal.


Smartwatch apps are certainly becoming a necessity for their owners. While the default apps in the watch at least cover half of the functions that you need in the timepiece, having specific apps for specialized reasons will make your life even better. So download this app today and let your life be transformed!

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