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The Best Online Games For Grown-ups

If you’re looking to pass a few hours, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of games out on the internet that’ll help you to do so. Playing videos games has a range of wellbeing benefits, so we can think of worse ways to spend your time! While a sizeable chunk of these are marketed toward children, there are plenty of games for grown-ups out there that’ll compete for your time just as eagerly. 

If you think: “How can I do my homework?”, so you also can use games mentioned below to relax before writing your paper.

Online Casinos

If you’d like a flutter on a slot machine, then the internet can provide one. There’s an enormous amount of variety out there; whatever you’re looking for, you can be reasonably sure that there’s a platform to provide it. If you are just starting out with online casinos, you can take advantages of the rich casino bonuses for beginners and not only, about which you can read more here.


Slither is a multiplayer experience where players must take the role of a giant snake – or a snake that grows longer with every piece of food it eats. The objective here is to dominate the board by forcing other players to collide with your tail. Suck up energy to grow bigger and faster and use power-ups to outwit the opposition.


You can think of powerline as a sort of top-down competitive battle game set in the Tron universe – though it’s not officially related to the Tron franchise. Lay down a trail, turn your bike at right-angles, and force other competitors to collide with your trail. The more power you collect, as with Slither.io, the longer your trail will grow.


The premise behind 2048 is a simple one – just slide the squares across the board. When two identical squares collide with one another, they merge into a single square that’s twice the value. Do this enough times and you’ll end up with a square that’s worth 2048. From there, you can either end the game, or you can carry on playing. The secret to success, by the way, is to keep the most valuable square in the corner and try to form a conveyor belt that leads down to it.


There’s no shortage of word-based games out there to engage players with word-based fun. You can think of them as an alternative to the crossword puzzles, you’ll find in newspapers, and in special puzzle books. The only difference is that, thanks to the internet, and thanks to clever procedurally-generated boards, there’s an infinite number of them to play through. Wealth Words is among the more popular – but be aware you’ll need to surrender your email address to get the solution to the boards you complete.

A Dark Room

If you’re into text-based adventures, then you’re sure to appreciate A Dark Room. It’s in the tradition of all of those classic narrative-driven games that were created before fancy graphics (or, indeed, non-fancy graphics) were a thing. Start in a dark room, stoke the fire, and see where things go from there.


It’s the iconic first-person shooter with a novel twist: time only moves when you move! With its distinctive red-and-white colour scheme, it’s a game that’s won the hearts of thousands of gamers and been ported to a range of platforms. You can even enjoy it in VR! It all started with the unity-powered browser version, which is free to play.

Whether you find yourself at a loose end or want a quick break, try out these online games to keep you occupied. 

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