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Technology Has Brought Casino Games into the Home – How?

Technology has changed the gambling industry to the point where it’s hard to recognize. Nobody ever imagined that a sector reliant on human interactions would be played remotely, yet that’s how the majority of bettors place wagers today. The online wagering market alone is worth $66 billion and is expected to rise by 11% in the next five years.  

The facts are inarguable because it’s clear that casinos are in the home and aren’t going anywhere. However, what’s interesting is how online casinos managed to pull it off and the role of technology in the shift.  

Software Muddies the Water Between Real & Virtual  

In the past, it was easy to tell which wagering experience was real and which was fake. That’s why Las Vegas has posted billion-dollar revenues for decades. But the reason the likes of Vegas and Macau have seen are competing with online operators is the improvement of gambling software. Live streams are fantastic examples because using feeds to enable punters to interact with real dealers and croupiers adds to the authenticity.   

As a result, virtual poker, blackjack, and roulette streams where players can play real money live casino with dealers games are as common as traditional felt tables. Of course, live streams aren’t the only tech that has altered the user experience because VR and AR offerings are increasingly popular online. By creating a virtual world that mimics a genuine betting environment, customers don’t feel the need to head to land-based establishments as much as they used to do when the technology wasn’t accessible.  

With the ability to stay at home and enjoy life-like entertainment in real-time, it’s no wonder that online casinos are services that are in demand when people are relaxing in the comfort of their living rooms.  

Developers Mass Produce Releases  

Creating and releasing games will always be tough, regardless of the genre. For online casino game developers, the process involves everything from a Random Number Generator to the variance of games and testing. It’s costly and time-consuming, yet advancements in technology have made the operation more efficient.  

For instance, high-quality artificial intelligence can take care of a range of tasks, such as automatically tallying scores and wins and spinning reels. Plus, the implementation of AI isn’t as challenging or expensive as people assume, according to the latest industry research on the subject. What this means is that mass-producing titles for online libraries are quicker than ever, as evidenced by the thousands of slot machines on a single platform.  

In many ways, the diversity of choice on online establishments is greater than in traditional casinos, which explains the uptake of improved remote consumption rates in places like players’ homes.  

Operators Hedge Their Bets  

You might believe that mobile applications have transformed the industry, but this isn’t necessarily true. There’s no doubt that apps are popular in many respects, particularly since they make gaming simpler. All you need to do is open your mobile device and you’re ready to play your favorite title at a moment’s notice.  

So, it’s no surprise betting companies and online casinos all invest in developing applications. However, they also don’t ignore the importance of desktop and laptop technology such as HTML and Flash Player, two incredibly accessible pieces of software. Both of these tools make streaming videos and games online possible as they deal with everything from rich content to user interfaces and web apps.  

The latter is a feature online gambling organizations are synonymous with because most of their libraries are available via a web app. Considering over 50% of mobile users don’t download any apps, and plenty delete them to make space or because the novelty has worn thin, online casinos have the perfect platform for players to engage with content from home.  

Everyone is aware that technology is powerful, but did you know it was so powerful that it has changed the habits of an entire industry with a value that continues to skyrocket? 

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