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Tech for Teachers: Top 6 Little-Known But Handy Tools

Education and technology have long become inseparable. For decades, schools and colleges were equipping their classrooms with the latest innovations, whereas students were getting used to relying on technology more in their day-to-day studies.

While students were leveraging online learning resources, writing services like DoMyEssay, homework management apps, and other tools, teachers seemed to be falling behind in terms of using technology. But, this has changed during the pandemic.

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and the rapid shift towards online learning, teachers across the world were forced to leverage all sorts of technology and tools to make their instruction efficient even when students can’t gather inside a classroom. Some tools they use now are extremely popular. By popularity, they can be compared to write essays for me services for students. But, there are also many great, lesser-known tools that teachers have yet to discover for themselves and, here, we will tell you about a few of them!

1. Blooket

The perks of gamification in learning were proven a long time ago. Educational games create a sense of competition, boost motivation, and increase students’ engagement, so, as a result, they help students learn and perform better. While there are many desktop, mobile, and web apps with educational games, Blooket is probably one of the best ones, even though it is little-known.

Blooket is a handy tool that teachers should leverage to boost their students’ engagement and motivation. This tool offers a vast selection of fun educational games. And one feature that makes it stand out from other similar tools is that Blooket allows you to create new games from scratch.

2. Mote

These days, when so many students are still occasionally studying from home, improving the connection between teachers and students is as important as ever before. Being able to stay in touch and provide quick feedback to your students are the keys to creating the best online learning experiences. And Mote is another little-known tool for teachers that makes it possible.

In a nutshell, Mote is an extension for Chrome, designed to let teachers leave audio feedback in Google Docs, Google Classroom, Google Slides, and Gmail. The reason why it is so helpful is that voice feedback is much quicker and easier to leave. Besides, for students, such notes will feel more personal than text notes, which is why this tool can also help teachers strengthen the bond with their class.

3. VideoAnt

Getting students engaged during an online lesson is no easy task. Due to this reason, many teachers are leveraging different unusual techniques and materials to get learners interested in the process of studying. But, while everyone is trying to use YouTube videos, you can go the extra mile with VideoAnt and create exciting video discussions yourself.

VideoAnt isn’t very famous. It was developed by the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development, and it really has the potential to transform your online lessons for the best. The most significant benefit of this tool is that it brings together lively video lessons with convenient discussion features that enable students to communicate during class actively.

4. Dotstorming

Brainstorming is an integral part of the educational process. Whenever students need to write a paper writer, prepare a project, or do other homework, they need to brainstorm ideas first. But, instead of brainstorming on their own, they can do it collaboratively, and Dotstorming is a tool that can make this possible.

Dotstoming is a collection of handy tools meant for discussion, brainstorming, and collaboration. This tool has been around for not too long, so it is not widely known yet. But it is potent. Thus, if you are looking for ways to promote student collaboration, be sure to give it a try.

5. Kialo Edu

The next little-known but powerful tool for teachers is Kialo Edu. It is a type of discussion board, which is a relatively standard tool in online classrooms. But, unlike its well-known alternatives, Kialo Edu is much more feature-rich and reliable.

This tool is designed to promote critical thinking skills and improve the quality of instruction. Unlike other similar tools, Kialo Edu doesn’t just let students create and participate in linear discussion threads but actually has a convenient pro and con tree structure that enables students to provide evidence for their ideas and claims. Thus, it’s excellent for a structured, dynamic debate.

6. Adobe Capture

Typically, Adobe tools are rather famous. But not this one. The reason for this is simple – Adobe Capture can’t be called a typical tech tool for teachers. It is generally believed to be a tool for creatives. But, it can be extremely powerful for designing different materials for your lessons, which is why it takes a deserved place on this list.

The Bottom Line

Today, thousands of great tools are designed to help teachers streamline their workflows and deliver better experiences to their students. There are handy tools for planning lessons, organizing your schedule, engaging students, and performing a whole range of other tasks.

During the pandemic, teachers across the globe were forced to get used to leveraging some of such tools in their everyday work. But, most of them are still sticking only to a small range of the most popular ones. And this is in vain.

After reading this article, you know about some of the best tech tools for teachers that might not be well-known but are still extremely helpful. Be sure to leverage them for students’ success!

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