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Signs That Can Tell You If Your Cat Is Depressed

Cats are affectionate in their own adorable way. They have feelings as well as every human being does. This type of animal can be independent on their own because they are known for being capable of surviving in the outside world. 

Having a pet cat can test your parenting skills. They require feeding, taking care of, a clean shelter, etc. You might also want to pay attention to their behavior, especially when you notice a change as it may mean something else too.

Our pets, especially cats, can also feel depressed. There might be some happenings that could make them feel blue. Read more about this here: https://www.thesprucepets.com/is-your-cat-sad-553922. 

A Talk About Depression 

The word depression is a bit underrated for some other people. They do not believe that it exists and may think that a person undergoing depression just wanted to seek attention from others.

Depression is a type of psychological condition that’s produced by sadness, stress, and might as well include peer pressure. As I stated above, it’s not only humans that can experience this kind of psychological condition because animals may feel it as well.

This kind of psychological condition may affect a person and animals badly. It may lead to suicide if not taken attention to on the side of humans, and maybe a reason for the deterioration of health for animals.  

Mental awareness is valuable because going into a depression is not a joke; it shouldn’t be made fun of either.  Many people should learn how to value things in life, whether they may be big or small. Through this way, they can help change the world to become a better suitable place to live for both humans and animals. 

A Cat Can Feel Depressed – That’s A Fact

Some studies show that depression is different for humans and cats. You can read here for additional info for your beloved pet. For humans, it is easier to determine if we are having it because we can talk out our feelings and if there are changes in our behavior. 

For cats, pet owners should draw more attention to their pets to determine if they have it. There are many reasons why your cat may feel depressed such as:

  • A loss of a loved one – Animals also grieve, much like humans. A loss of a loved one puts us in a hard time, same thing goes for cats. They can be affected if their pet owner passes through unfortunate demise because they may be the only persons they are comfortable with.
  • Getting an injury – Sometimes, these animals are abuse, or they come in a situation where they are hurt. Having an injury may be a boundary to the activities that they enjoy doing.
  • Having an Illness – It is for pet owners to know if their pet is getting ill. This may be the reason why you should bring your pet to a veterinarian if you see anything odd in the way they act.

What Are The Signs?

Sadness, stress, and anxiety can be a perfect combination of being depressed which is unhealthy. There are many ways for depression to manifest. Here are some things that could help you to determine if your cat is having depression:

  • Excessive sleeping – We can say that it is natural for cats to sleep from time to time. It is their known habit because they are capable of sleeping anytime and anywhere in your home. If you notice that your cat is sleeping much longer than it does, then you should be alarmed.
  • A change or a loss of appetite – If you notice that your cat is eating below its normal food intake or it stopped eating then maybe they feel sad. It can also be that they have lost interest in their favorite treats.
  • Takes no interest in their usual activities – Cats have usual activities and things that they often play with. If there is a change in the way they do their activities, this should alarm you.
  • Having a change in their bathroom habits – Cats are territorial and can only do their bathroom habits in a specific place or a litter box. If your cat pisses or poo somewhere that’s not to their usual place or litter box, then it may raise a red flag.

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