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Proved strategies for profitable Email Marketing campaign

Proved strategies for profitable Email Marketing campaign

Email marketing is an effective strategy for distributing transaction and marketing letters to selected groups or audiences. Mail marketing includes sending out advertisements, calls to action, blog news, etc. Email accounts are some of the most valuable accounts nowadays.

The long-term goal of email marketing is to increase customers’ trust in the brand and strengthen loyalty.

At the same time, this strategy is also excellent for attracting new or potential customers of the brand.

As a result, knowing the best practices in email marketing will not only encourage existing customers to take action besides but also attract new leads and increase sales.

Email marketing is a proven strategy. According to Marketing Charts, 82% of marketers have chosen it as their main strategy for increasing the number of potential customers and conversion.

Your Email campaign will likely most of the time refer to your website, and in this case, it’s imperative not to fail within the technical aspect. Imagine that your amazing marketing campaign would fail due to the heavy load on the website in case of high demand. Nobody wants an experience like that and for this particular reason, you should always aim for top-notch technology. In case you don’t have the desired pick right now, you should check this professional and reliable service. I have tried “Interserver” recently, and I definitely would stick with this company for now. 

Moreover, the Direct Marketing Association’s report states that postal marketing has one of the highest return on investment (ROI) rates compared to other strategies. These studies prove that email marketing is worth the effort.

So why is email marketing so effective?

As briefly mentioned earlier, this strategy helps brands connect with their customers, position themselves, and build trust.

It is not easy to stand out in a very competitive industry, but email marketing increases the chances of being seen.

For example, you can create and send out personalized content by segmenting your customers/audience according to specific criteria based on their experience on your website and the customer’s personality. 

4 Tips, How to Create a Successful Email Campaign

Although email marketing in itself is a great strategy, it is still worth understanding what approach makes it work. We want to share advice with you on how to make the newsletter effective. 

Gather a Qualitative Email List

Above all, no matter how sensible your strategy is, it will not work without email addresses. One of the best email marketing practices is to create an organic email list.

The best way to create such a list is to voluntarily subscribe to your newsletter. Buying or renting an email list from a third party and using it without proper authorization is likely to yield no results, except for possible complaints about spam or even legal complications.

One particular case study shows the rapid growth of customer email lists, you can see in this particular example how only an email campaign could affect your position on the market and tie your customers closer to your brand.

The key to successful mailing is a quality list of subscribers. If you contact people who have not previously given you explicit consent or have not shown any interest in your product or website, the effectiveness of your campaign will most likely decrease. Moreover, once again, users may report your emails as spam.

Select Good Email Mailing Service

Once you have decided on the idea and strategy of your email marketing campaign, you can begin the next step – finding a mailing list service. After all, the second rule of a successful campaign is to have a good mailing list service.

Email marketing services help you manage your email lists and create attractive content for your newsletters. They also include an automation function, which makes it much easier to send out emails to a large number of subscribers. 

Finally, most of these services have reporting functions that allow for the analysis and optimization of campaigns for even better results.

There are many email marketing services, both free and paid, offering a variety of features and benefits. To simplify your search, we have selected some of the best options and briefly described the possibilities of each of them.

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is a popular email service used by millions of companies. You can access its main functions free of charge. The free plan allows sending up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers per month.

2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a paid email service with a free 30-day trial version. The service offers many features that will help you prepare and launch a marketing email campaign, such as list management, campaign designer, and reporting tools.

3. GetResponse

Another great option that will help you automate your email campaign is the GetResponse service. It boasts a high email delivery rate of 99% and an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Think Well Through the Email Marketing Campaign

Preparing a lid is the next step and one of the factors that determine how effective your email marketing will be in general. At this stage, you create an email marketing campaign like this. A lot of resources are put into trying to achieve higher rates with this particular method, and if you are into case studies, you may want to check this article regarding the achieved results of modern companies.

Before you start, you need to know exactly what your goals are.

Reality is an important characteristic of any goal, especially in marketing.

You must have a separate set of goals for all occasions. Here are some of the common goals and practices of postal marketing:

Welcoming new subscribers – for these purposes, you can create a basic campaign that tells new users about your business, values, and culture.

Getting in touch – start building trust by sending valuable content or offering webinars, anything that can improve your customer relations.

Taking care of existing subscribers – offer personalized content based on what you know about your customer and their needs.

Re-engaging subscribers – you can create a campaign that focuses on customers who have recently ceased to be active.

One of the most important email marketing practices is tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns. In turn, this will help you understand your audience and improve your campaigns.

What you need to Remember

Clarity is one of the best email marketing practices. You must be clear about how many emails you have to send to your customers. Also, you should segment your customers based on an analysis of their behavior, which you have learned during test campaigns.

Avoid spam, send only useful and interesting content. You are annoyed by spam messages that clog up your mail, aren’t you? Your customers will feel the same way.


If you decide to start using email marketing to promote your business, make sure you take these tips into account. They will help you create a truly meaningful and successful email campaign.

Let us list the basic rules of email marketing once again:

1. Gather a quality list of addresses for your email campaign

2. Choose a good email service

3. Create a targeted, personalized marketing campaign

4. Be as accurate as possible and avoid spam

If you have an interesting experience in email marketing, feel free to share your ideas with other marketers in the comments section below.

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