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PDF to Excel: Convert PDF to Excel for Free with PDFBear

Now that everything is online, you can easily find and use everything for free. Who doesn’t want that? One of the best things that the internet gave us is Microsoft Office, giving us tools to create a document, a presentation, and most importantly, a spreadsheet. The recent version of Microsoft Excel allows you to import any data into Excel, for example, is from a webpage, from a text, and Microsoft access database. But there’s one particular format that you cannot easily import data, that is PDF.

PDF or Portable Document Format files are one of the most used file formats for electronic documents. PDF files are probably something you come across virtually every day at work or school. If you are in a situation where you don’t know how to import the data from a PDF file to Excel, we are here to help you. The answer to your problem is converting your PDF file to Excel. It might sound sketchy, but you should believe us because it will be successful. Just follow these steps on how to convert PDF to Excel, and you are ready to go. Where and how will you do that? PDFBear is here for you.

What is PDFBear

If you’ve ever had an issue with a PDF document, for sure, you’ve undoubtedly looked up an answer on Google. PDFBear is here to save you. If this is the first time you hear the name PDFBear, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you one of the useful tools you can find on the internet. PDFBear is a free online PDF converter that lets its users convert their documents to a variety of formats, including PDF to Excel. With this website, you may quickly combine several PDFs into a PDF, customize PDFs, and perform several other things. They assure their customers that they provide a safe and secure platform for converting PDF files with the highest quality.

What is a PDF to Excel converter

Most probably, you are one of the people who prefer their files to be in PDF form. PDFs are easy to read, use, and share. But editing your spreadsheet in a PDF file is a different situation. With PDFBear, you can convert your PDF file to Excel in just a few minutes. PDFBear can help its users extract simply and correctly the data from PDF files into Excel. In the newly converted spreadsheet, the tables, equations, and other data will look the same as the PDF file. PDFBear has teamed up with Solid Documents, a company that specializes in PDF to Excel conversions, to provide outstanding service to its clients.

How to use PDFBear’s PDF to Excel Converter

With the help of PDFBear, you can easily convert your PDF file to Excel. You just need to follow these simple steps. Of course, the first thing you should do is go to PDFBear.com and then select the “Convert from PDF” tab. Once you’ve arrived at the right page, drag or pick your PDF file from your device and upload it. You may also upload your PDF file from Dropbox or Google Drive.

After you upload your PDF file, PDFBear will give you an option about the PDF file conversion. You have to choose between “Convert to Excel” and “Convert to Excel with OCR.” The option “Convert to Excel with OCR” will give you access to edit the document, but you have to be a PRO member of PDFBear to use this option. After you choose the option you want, PDFBear will automatically convert your PDF file to Excel. 

The conversion will take only a few seconds to complete depending on your internet connection. You can now download or save it but rename it first so that you won’t get confused. If you wish to email the Excel file, PDFBear can help. It includes a shareable link that is valid for 14 days. You can remove the link from their system when done, but PDFBear will also delete it after the 14 days validity.

Other converts from PDF tool

PDF to Word

PDFBear partnered with Solid Documents, so you will get an outstanding conversion of PDF to Word from them. Solid-Framework supports and brings you the PDFBear Conversion tool. When converting PDF to Word, their technology has proven to be superior to any other online tool, maintaining high standards and quality. With PDFBear, it merely takes four simple steps and a few minutes to convert your PDF file to Word.


You can also convert your PDF file to PPT with the help of PDFBear. There aren’t many websites that have a reliable conversion tool than PDFBear. They were able to give their customers a solution that preserved the quality and integrity of their files. One of the best features of PDF to PPt converter is that the converted file is editable.


PDFBear’s made it simple to convert PDF to PNG. You can convert your PDF file to PNG anytime and anywhere. Your files will remain safe, regardless of what you post on their website. You do not need to be concerned about the security of your data because PDFBear will keep it safe for you. You can edit or enhance the image in Photoshop or any other editing program after the PDF to PNG conversion.


Convert your PDF file to JPG easily wherever you are. You may quickly select and pick any picture in your PDF file and convert it to JPG format using PDFBear’s PDF to JPG conversion tool. PDFBear assures its customers that they will have the best quality image. A PDF to JPG converter simplifies many tasks and is one of the best converting tools you can find online.


PDFBear offers the greatest service to its customers in various ways. So grab the opportunity to use their platform for free. Test their PDF to Excel conversion tool by visiting PDFBear.com. You can enjoy their unlimited service by becoming a PRO member, but if you don’t have the means to avail, PDFBear can still help you convert your files to PDF, PDF to other formats, and other tools you can find on their website. 

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