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Prominent Fixes To Overcome uTorrent Not Downloading Issue

These days, uTorrent has become a popularly used application that allows the users to download movies, games, videos and many more with just a few clicks. There are so many torrent sites available on the internet from which one can easily download the torrent files and add them in the uTorrent to download at a faster speed. 

The downloading speed is different for different Internet Service Providers. But, many users report problems while downloading any file and face several issues related to the downloading. 

Sometimes, it is seen that the download stuck at 0% or the download stuck at connecting to peers. There are such factors that cause the problem with the downloading of uTorrent.

In this article, we will come up with the best solution for this problem so that you can start the paused or stuck download immediately. Read the article carefully and apply the following fixes to get rid of this problem.

Factors Responsible for uTorrent Not Downloading Issue:

uTorrent app is a very helpful app that enables the users to download files with ease. But, it is really annoying that you are trying to download a file from uTorrent and somehow the download gets stuck. It might stop at the beginning of the download as well as the middle of any download. 

There are certain factors that are responsible for this downloading issue. Sometimes, it is seen that the antivirus or firewall that are installed in the system blocks the uTorrent from accessing the Internet. 

If you are a uTorrent user, you may have heard about the seed of a Torrent file. If the Torrent file has no seeds, then it is considered as a dead torrent and in that case, the download does not begin.

Apart from that, the ISP of your Internet connection may block Torrent and that’s why you are now able to download any Torrent file. Using a not-compatible VPN sometimes leads the download stuck at the very beginning.

Don’t worry as we will let you know how could you start downloading again in the uTorrent. Dive into the below-mentioned solutions and tricks to learn how to eliminate this problem from occurring.

Solve uTorrent not Downloading by Applying these Simple Tricks:

You may not be familiar with uTorrent settings but believe us, you don’t need any tech knowledge to solve this particular problem. Starting from the basic trick, we will discuss all the tricks that you can implement to tackle this issue.

Trick #1: Pausing and Resuming the Download

Due to the weak Internet connection, it is often seen that the download stops in uTorrent or even the download may not start. Whatever device you are using, you will have the option to pause and resume the download again.

For Mobile Application

If you have encountered the problem in the Android device, you can follow the steps mentioned next. Long press on the Torrent file which is not starting the download progress. You will get to see the option of pausing located at the top right corner of the page.

After that, long press on the Torrent again and tap on the Resume button. It if starts downloading, then it’s OK but if not, then click on More Actions icon located at the top right corner of that page. Select the “Resume All” option and wait a while to start the download again.

For Desktop App

To do the same thing on the desktop uTorrent app, firstly, click on the specific Torrent file. You will get to see the Pause button on the top of the list. Click on the Pause button and after some time, click on the Resume button again and wait a while to start the download.

Trick #2: Delete and Download the Torrent File

If the first trick does not work, then you can try out this method too. To do so, you have to remove the Torrent file from the list of uTorrent app and delete the source files from the download location. 

Try to download the file again from the same Torrent site or from another site. Add the Torrent file or magnet to the uTorrent application. If it doesn’t work, step to the next tricks cited below.

Trick #3: Change the Incoming Port

If both the above tricks don’t work, let’s try a new method. Open the uTorrent app and go to the Settings. Look for the “Incoming Port” option and click on it. 

You can see that a port number value is already there. Just change the value by increasing or decreasing by 1 and hit OK. This should solve the problem if the issue is related to the network problem.

Trick #4: Unblock Torrent in Firewall or Antivirus Settings

In the above section, we have mentioned that the firewall or antivirus program may block the uTorrent app. As a result, you would not be able to download any file on uTorrent

Follow the below steps to unblock Torrent from Firewall and Antivirus settings.

Unblock Torrent in Windows Firewall

To exclude uTorrent from the block list of firewall, you need to go to the Windows Firewall from the Control menu. In the firewall window, click on “Allow a program and feature through Windows Firewall” to open the list of the programs installed on the system. 

Now, click on the “Change settings” and look for “uTorrent” in the list. If you do not find the same in the list, click on the “Allow another program…” and select uTorrent from the list. 

Click OK to complete the process. Restart the uTorrent application and resume the download.

Unblock Torrent in the Antivirus Firewall

If any antivirus program is installed on the system, look for the “Firewall” option in the Antivirus settings. In the Firewall setting, you may find an option “Add an Exception”. 

Just add uTorrent in the Exception list and click on OK. Make sure to restart the uTorrent application and start the download process again.

Trick #5: Download Torrent File with Increased Seeds

You might have found that some specific Torrent files are not downloading. This is because those Torrent files don’t have seeds. The downloading function of uTorrent is based on peer to peer connection which means downloading files from other computers. 

As time passes, the seeds become decreased to 0 seeds. In that case, you need to download the same Torrent file from an alternative site that has the file with seeds.

Trick #6: Fixing Wrong uTorrent Settings

Sometimes, corrupted settings in uTorrent may cause problems in downloading any files in the application. In this case, you can do the following.

Navigate “C: > Users > username > Appdata > Roaming”. Double click on the uTorrent folder to open it and look for two files “Resume.dat” and “Resume.old.dat”. Select both the files and delete them. 

Don’t worry as the unfinished downloading files are still there on the computer and you can find them by navigating “C: > Users > user name > AppData > Roaming > uTorrent”. Now, search for the Torrent file names and double click on them to add them in the downloaded list of uTorrent.

We hope that all the tricks mentioned above are more than enough to solve the downloading problem. It is recommended that you start from the above and see which trick is useful for you. 
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