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Mbappe junior: who is he and can he surpass Kilian?

Young Ethan started playing in the Paris Saint-Germain U-17 team this summer. Prior to that, Mbappe Junior studied at the children’s school of the Parisian club, in the first team of which his genius older brother now shines. However, unlike Kilian, Ethan is a footballer with a completely different profile. Mbappe Jr. does not seek to play in the attack and bash balls in batches, much more he likes the role of point guard, which is why Ethan likes to fiddle with the ball for a long time in the center of the field, looking for partners in positions that are promising for aggravating attacks.

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Based on feedback from people who have worked directly with Ethan, this 14-year-old has a precocious outlook on football. He is even compared to the playmakers of the past, who focused not on the speed of working with the ball, but on the quality of the decisions made. Ethan is left-handed, which also makes him kind of unique, because multiple studies prove that footballers with a working left are more creative and resourceful on the field than right-handers (not to reproach Kilian Mbappé).

Unlike Kilian, Ethan Mbappe is overly keen on possession at his current age. He loves to tinker with him so much, using various dribbling techniques that the older brother even nicknamed the younger Itagnino – in the Brazilian manner.

Interestingly, Ethan has a very serious relationship with his star brother. They spend a lot of time together and always try to compete. The younger is said to be even better at playing soccer games on the PlayStation. The latter factor played a huge role in Kilian Mbappe’s legendary goal-scoring celebration. In particular, when the forward scored against Borussia Dortmund in the 2016/17 Champions League quarterfinals for AS Monaco, he crossed his arms, which later became almost Kilian’s signature style. Few people know that Mbappe Sr. spied this trick from his younger brother, who always celebrated victories over a relative in this way when they fought on the PlayStation.

Despite the fact that Ethan Mbappe was called up to train with the French U-16 team, the young midfielder has no matches for the youth teams of this country yet. Ethan’s father is Cameroonian and his mother is Algerian. Therefore, in the future, Ethan will have a serious choice of which national team to play for. Of course, France is the ultimate dream for Mbappe Junior, but for this you need to reveal your potential and talent early in order to knock on the doors of the “tricolors” loudly and boldly, as Kilian once managed to do.

Ethan Mbappe joined Paris Saint-Germain when he was 11 years old, in 2017. His transfer to the French capital took place at the same time as Kilian’s move there, but few people spoke about the young boy, since the forward’s transition was on everyone’s lips. Two years ago, in 2019, they wrote that Ethan had successfully passed all the stages of selection for training at the legendary Fernand Sastre National Technical Center, but literally at the last moment, the boy’s parents decided that it would be better for him to stay at Pari Saint Germain, where he will be closer to his brother, and he can, if necessary, help the progress of Mbappe Junior.

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