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Is Blockchain the adequate technology to reshape the economy?


The world is constantly evolving, and newer technologies are updating structures working in this world for decades. However, technological advancements are slowly challenging the old economic systems and bringing in more unique solutions. One such technology is blockchain technology, and if you haven’t heard about it, you must be living under a rock. Blockchain technology and Bitcoins dominate most news websites, and it is revolutionizing how different economics around the world function. 

It also has to be kept in mind that the decentralized blockchain technology, an essential ledger where every cryptocurrency transaction is noted down, has many other functions. For example, being one of the building blocks of cryptography is just one of its functions. It has many different applications that need to be adequately understood. 

Understanding Blockchain technology: 

In its simplest sense, blockchain technology is nothing but a system created for recording information. However, it is not like a typical database that stores information, as any information stored in blockchain technology is much more complicated. This is done to encryption so that all the stored data cannot be easily changed, manipulated, or hacked. 

Therefore we can see that a secure system is given by blockchain technology where a peer-to-peer mechanism is used to verify any piece of information. By the name, you can understand that this technology consists of a chain of different blocks within which records of transactions are kept in a decentralized manner. 

The immense power of this technology can be understood by the popularity of cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoins. Other than that, many other economic institutions, from real estate to insurance, are all banking on the fantastic applications of this technology to push them into the 21st century.

The impact blockchain Technology will have on the economy of the world– 

The real-world application of blockchain technology in different economics of the world can be easily seen. From India to East Africa, many countries are taking the help of blockchain technology in various financial services. Experts are saying that this growth of dependency on blockchain technology will spread all across the globe. More countries will join in to implement blockchain technology in their banking and financial sectors to increase the potential of their functionalities. 

Researchers by big corporations who are taking an interest in blockchain technology have even found that in the next decade, this technology has the power to push the global GDP by more than 1.5 trillion dollars. Experts are also saying that the continent of Asia will be the one who will most likely be the highest recipient of the benefits that blockchain technology brings to the table. 

Helping the banking Systems around the Planet

The most significant boost that blockchain Technology will bring to the economic sector of the world is by making banking opportunities more accessible. However, it has to be kept in mind that millions do not have proper access to banking services in large parts of the world. This is extremely unfortunate as we are stepping into this age of technological development. The geographical, economic, and social disparities that gave rise to this unequal access to one of the most basic requirements of human beings can be mitigated through blockchain Technology. 

Users from any part of the world will get the chance to have the best banking services with this technology. In terms of speed and reduction of fees, Blockchain will make the Earth smaller, and disadvantaged groups will be given a chance to make their lives better. We already see a lot of work in areas where the conditions of disadvantaged minority groups are being improved through the use of blockchain technology in the financial sector and other institutions like education, agriculture, servicing, etc. 


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