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Instagram Hidden Features

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. It is a great place for users to interact with the world, promote their business, and follow their favorite celebrities. The platform allows one to follow people and post pictures and videos. Moreover, there are many start-up businesses on Instagram that are gaining lots of profit through it: free Instagram followers

Now, Instagram may seem like a platform that is easy to use. However, that is not the case. There are many hidden features on Instagram that make your experience a lot better. Have a look at them down below. 

• Stop Seeing Posts from People You Don’t Like

Are you tired of watching your aunt’s weird videos that make no sense at all? Do you want them to stop showing up on your profile? Well, in that case, you can easily mute her posts. In order to do that, simply go to her profile, click the following button, and you’ll see an option named ‘mute.’ Simply click, and there you go, you won’t see her future posts popping up on your newsfeed. 

• Organize Saved Posts 

Did you know Instagram offers an option for you to organize your posts? All you have to do is go to the posts you have saved. Create separate files for each category. For instance, you can create a folder named fashion and a separate folder named travel. After that, simply go to the posts you have already saved and add them to their corresponding category. Moreover, whenever you save a post in the future, you will be able to choose the folder you want to save it in. This becomes a lot easier whenever you are looking for something. 

• Keep a Check on Others 

You can also keep a check on others’ messages through Instagram. There are different spy apps that allow you to read someone else’s messages. These apps are great for people who are worried about their partner cheating on them or parents who are concerned about their children spending a lot of time on social media. 

• Hide Comments 

Instagram also offers a feature that allows you to hide comments on your posts. All you have to do is go or your privacy settings, tap the option that says comments, and set manual filters for some words or phrases. Apart from that, you can even choose the option that says hide offensive comments. Moving on, you can’t turn off comments for your entire profile; however, Instagram offers an option that enables you to disable comments on a specific post. Simply go to advanced settings and turn off commenting when you are posting. That’s it! 

• Record a Hands-Free Video

Most people aren’t really aware of this feature. Truth be told, I wasn’t either. This feature is an incredible one as it allows you to record a video without holding your phone. Choose the perfect spot to place your phone. Now, simply swipe right and open up the Instagram stories camera. Here you will be able to see a bunch of options like boomerang, layout, etc. Click the arrow beneath these options that opens up some more options, including the hands-free recording one. Select it, tap the recording button and enjoy making some amazing videos! 

• Turn off The Activity Status 

Instagram didn’t really offer this feature before; however, it is available now. It allows users to hide their activity status. You don’t have to let your friends know whenever you are online! 

That’s it! 

Here were a couple of Instagram hidden features that can make your experience a lot better. Make sure to use these and end up loving them! 

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