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How to Use Proforma Invoice Online & Free

Running a successful business is a challenging task. You need to ensure the efficiency of all the business operating to avoid facing any issues. Invoicing is one activity that concerns all the business, regardless of their size and business line.

A lot of people are using Proforma Invoices to confirm business orders and transactions. In this guide, we will share everything you need to know about these types of invoices along with a tutorial on how to generate them.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is Proforma Invoice?
  • How to Generate Proforma Invoice?
  • What to Include in a Proforma Invoice?

What is Proforma Invoice?

Making deals and Receiving orders are two main parts of generating a sale for every business. A proforma Invoice includes the details of the items such as price, quantity, transport charges, and other crucial information. However, it is generated before shipping the items as a bill to share the estimated price of the total goods.

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The buyer then decides whether they want to proceed with the order. If they are satisfied with all the details, they ask to release the shipment after making an upfront payment. It eliminates all the confusion between seller and buyer as they agree to a written document.

On the other hand, verbal sale contracts can lead to several disputes between the parties. Thus, a Proforma Invoice ensures that everyone has proof about the settled price of each item.

How to Generate Proforma Invoice?

You can easily generate a Proforma Invoice by entering all the required information just like a regular invoice. However, this invoice must provide all the information to help the buyer get a complete idea of the transaction. 

For beginners, using an Invoice Template is the best option. It includes all the required details and they can simply mention each time with their price. Here is a platform that lets you create proforma invoices.


WeInvoice is the most popular application to generate invoices online. It works as a perfect platform because it provides easy-to-use templates to create your invoices. It means you can avoid the struggles of creating an Invoice from the scratch. Instead, you can choose a customizable template and enter the information to avoid all other formalities.

To generate a Proforma Invoice, you need to visit its website and search for the Proforma Invoice templates. You can browse through them to find the most suitable template for your business.

After that, click on the Edit button and mention all the required details along with the business name of each party. 

You can directly share that Proforma Invoice with the buyer or print a physical copy to share before the shipment. Either way, you can generate a Proforma Invoice using their advanced templates.

Tip: You can save the file in three main formats- PDF, Word, and Excel. Choose the file format based on your requirements as Excel provides more numerical value than the other two.

What to Include in a Proforma Invoice?

A Proforma Invoice must include some important information required by both parties. Here are some important parts of a Proforma Invoice.

Title: You must mention the Proforma Invoice at the top of the invoice to let the person know that it is not a regular invoice.

Business Details: It should reflect the name and details of both parties. 

Product Description: Include the item name and details that you are dealing in. Make sure to provide accurate details with the best description.

Estimated Price: A Proforma Invoice includes the estimated price because the deal is not final yet. However, it should not be around the final amount as the deviation is less than one or two percent.

Shipping and Other Charges: Mention all the shipping charges applicable on the delivery of the items.

Payment Terms: It is an important part of a Proforma Invoice because you must confirm the payment terms with the buyer.

You can get all these things in a Proforma Invoice Template. All you need is to fill in secondary details like product name and price only.

Final Words

Proforma Invoices save a lot of time for every business. It helps in closing sales by sharing all the important details with both parties. You can use a Proforma Invoice template from WeInvoice and share the invoices with your customers.

Visit WeInvoice’s official website to generate an invoice within a few seconds.

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