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How To Set Up A Luxury Toy Soldier Business

When people say the words toy soldiers, the first thought that usually pops into people’s heads is a small plastic soldier made up of green or yellow plastic. However, the very first toy soldiers were not made of plastic. 

They were made of tin, and only the wealthy were capable of purchasing them. If you are going to start this business, you should know that this is a great endeavor, and you will need a set plan. Here are tips on how to set up a luxury toy business.

  • Come Up With A Memorable Company Name

Before you set up your company, it is important that you come up with a suitable name for it. While the name might seem trivial, it is in fact very important because it is how your company will be remembered by potential buyers, so make it a priority to choose a great name.

  • Hire A Skilled Sculptor For Your Toy Soldiers

One of the most important things you must have to create quality toy soldiers is a principal model. It is the primary model from where your other toy soldiers will be formed. When you have them made, they should be designed by a skilled sculptor. He or she must be as detailed and experienced as possible. 

Remember that all your other toy soldier copies will be derived from this primary model. The sculptor must be able to create models that are not only eye-catching, but memorable as well.

  • Choose What Type of Soldiers To Mass Produce

When it comes to making luxury toy soldiers, you must choose what type of soldiers you will be making. Remember that toy soldiers are very specialized toys, and they have an avid fan base. 

If you get a specific detail wrong, there is a chance that they will notice this error right away. As a precaution against this happening, it is a good idea to do your research properly. For example, you are going to make a line of English Dragoon from the Napoleonic wars. If you are going to do this, you should make sure that you do your research on the time period. Check what type of clothes the soldiers wore, and what weapons they used.

Aside from the uniforms and weapons they wielded, it is also a good idea to check old photos or paintings of these conflicts. These photos and paintings could be used as great references for poses, and clothing for your toy soldiers.

  • Invest In Molds

Once you have the primary models for your toy soldiers, it is now time to invest in molds for them. While the primary model is the main source of details and design for your toy soldiers, it is the molds that will allow you to mass produce them. 

In the 19th century,toy soldiers were made of tin, and molds were also used to mass produce them. The molds used back then were somewhat primitive though, and it was prone to defects. Modern molding technology has evolved a great deal though, and there are little to no imperfections in the final product.

If you want to invest in top quality molding technology, you should invest in RYB. It is a company that specializes in short run injection molding. By investing in RYD short run injection mold, you’ll be equipped with top quality molds for your toy soldiers.

  • Invest In Automated Production Lines

Once you have the molds ready, it is now time to have each of your toy soldiers painted. In the old days, each of these toy soldiers was hand-painted, and a great deal of detail and time was put into each soldier. Nowadays though, these functions are a great deal more efficient and effective.

If you want your toy soldiers to be painted in record time, it is a good idea to invest in robot arms. These types of robots are very versatile, and they could fulfil all your production line needs. If you want a painting robot, or a pick and place robot to help with the organization and packing. 

  • Choose And Market To Your Target Market

Aside from ensuring that your products are of the highest quality, it is important that you know your target market, and market to them as efficiently as possible. 

When it comes to marketing your product, you should identify your target market as early as possible. By doing so, you will be able to make your marketing more focused and effective.

It is also a good idea to set up a company website. This will act as your main marketing platform. If you want the best tips for optimizing your website, you should check out biztekmojo.com. It is a great resource for business and marketing tips. 

  • Quality is Key

Once you are done with the molding, and painting process, it is now time to double check each and every toy soldier you sell. Remember that you are going to sell it as a luxury item, so it should really look like a luxury item. Check the edges of the toy soldier. Are there any excess bits that might have been overlooked during the molding process?  

Are there any mistakes with the paint job? If there are any errors, don’t be scared to have the toy soldier scrapped, melted and remade again. This might seem a bit wasteful, however, you should remember that your company’s reputation depends on the quality of your toy soldiers, so it makes sense you should be as thorough as possible.


If you are thinking of setting up a luxury toy business, you should know that it is a very specialized business, and it takes a great deal of work to set up properly. With these tips, you’ll be able to set up an efficient luxury toy soldier business.

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