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How to Restrict Someone’s Phone for Free? (100% Works)

We do so much with our phones these days. They are handy gadgets now with an internet connection. Apart from calling and texting, you can also surf and store data. While that’s a lot when it comes to functionality, some will use it for illicit purposes. 

So, is there a need to restrict a phone’s use? Yes, if it involves people who surround you. We can start with the kids and go all the way to those working for you. It’s okay to search for a reputable solution, but you don’t also need to be misled. 

Here, we will talk about the reasons why you will want to restrict someone’s phone. We will also look at how you can trail their phone to get more information. 

  1. Part 1: Why Restrict Someone’s Phone?

You don’t have permission just to curb any phone. People have a right to privacy, and doing so is breaking a right. When someone close is involved, though, the need may arise. It could be a matter of security or curiosity. 

Here are some of the things that will initiate the need to restrict someone’s phone:

2. The Children in the Digital Age 

We have kids who are excited by the tablet in the house or your smartphone when you arrive. It’s good that they know how to operate them, but that is where the danger lurks. Children don’t know what to click and what to leave. 

Everything that will come to their view is okay as long as it’s fun or intriguing enough. To make sure that they view the right content, you need to keep an eye on the phone activities. 

That is why many parents are investing in child monitoring apps. They not only watch over the activities but also provide measures to control them. 

3. Relationships 

What we wish for in life is a relationship that is always fulfilling. With the current worldly ups and downs, that is never the case most of the time. That is why we have many cheating cases or being in a relationship while you barely know the person.

If you need assurance that your better half is not misbehaving, restrictions will come in handy. You may want to know where they are at all times. If that’s the case, visit this page to track a phone location without alerting your partner

Other things you may want to know are the calls made or received, SMSs, social media, and stored media files.

 4. Work Information Security 

Do you own a company or a business with more than one worker? Then you need to make sure that every worker is attending to their duties. That means restricting phone use and checking for any information leaks. 

You can use tracking apps to know where they are if you are involved in logistics. You can also monitor the calls, SMSs, social media, and stored media files. The restriction should, however, only apply to work and related situations.  

5. Fear of the Unknown 

At times, you may get disturbing calls in the middle of the night. The same applies to messages from unknown contacts. In that case, you may want to restrict the culprit’s phone to know who they are. 

Blocking can be a start, but if they have more than one number, then the trend will continue. That calls for more robust measures such as getting a way to monitor their phone. You will know who they indeed are and what else they are up to. 

6. Part 2: How to Restrict Someone’s Phone for Free

There are many methods that you can use to limit someone’s phone and check on their activity. It all requires you to search for an intuitive app that will help you do so. We are in the digital era, which means it’s easy to intercept one’s phone. 

Some apps are easy to install, while others are hectic. Simplicity is essential, and if an app is straightforward, it will be easy to set up and use. As you install, it’s vital to look at the cross-platform question. 

Recommendable applications like Spyier will restrict both Android and iOS devices. Since they are both known smartphone operating systems, covering both is a significant advantage. Another quality you should check is if the app needs phone alteration. 

Rooting and jailbreaking gives you a chance to view exclusive features. The problem is that you will also compromise the targeted phone, and that’s not a good thing. It will be better if your application can stay quiet and give you information without such techniques. 

That calls for an application with cutting-edge technologies. That means it’s possible to get to the phone without the complicated altering tricks. As you avoid the rooting and jailbreaking, you can welcome the stealth mode operation. 

It’s a feature that enables an app to hide while in use. The culprit using the targeted phone should never know about your moves. So, apart from no compromising, a good app should never reveal. 

After the installation, your results should be somewhere away from the phone. The measures you impose should be done remotely since you cannot have the target phone all the time. In most cases, the apps aiding in restriction will have a web-based dashboard. 

You can access it using your online account, which means that it can be anywhere. All you need is a proper internet connection. Some of the things you can watch and control include:

Calls and saved contacts 


Browsing history 

Location and Geofencing alerts 

Social media activities 

Stored photos, videos, and audio files 

Installed applications 

SIM Card details and location 

Keylogger reports where you get everything typed on the phone 

Depending on the application, the features may vary. Regardless of what it shows, security should be paramount. You don’t want a situation where the measures you impose continue to cause havoc or a data breach. 


You can restrict someone’s phone for free once you know the way through. There is a lot of information on the internet on various ways to do it. On the other hand, it’s up to you to deploy the best mechanisms to avoid failure and unwanted consequences. 

As you place the restrictions, remember to follow the law and apply where necessary. 

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