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How to Reconnect With Your Old Friends?

Sometimes we miss people in the rat race of life. Our school friends, friends who shifted their base, school staff who were kind to us. There are many people who we meet in the walk of life and somehow miss their track for some reason or the other. 

In the recent past, we have encountered exigencies. There was sudden, uncalled for demise. While the entire world was fighting a virus, some were not able to combat. While social media is a very robust tool to find people, not everyone is there. 

By virtue of this bottleneck or sheer lack of interest, you can still use platforms such as CocoFinder to find people. Yes, you can connect with your old friends and find them regardless of their social media status.

Reconnect with Old Friends

An old friend often means old information. You might not know where they are, what they have been doing. So, you need to have a reliable platform that can extract meaningful information out of itsy bitsy details. 

Social media is full of fake IDs, fake accounts, impostors and inaccuracy of information. The reality is somehow the complete opposite of what people reflect on social media. So, you can save yourself from the false depiction and look out for real, valuable and countable information.

One such reliable platform is CocoFinder. It is a great web based platform wherein you can know the actual state of affairs of people. You can use CocoFinder to find out someone’s death, about someone’s marriage, location, etc. 

You can get all relevant and concrete information that is devoid of misinterpretation. So, all you need to do is to check on the web page of the application. There are many ways in which you can seek the requisite information:

Reconnect through name

If all you have is an old friend’s name, you can still have the impetus to have access to their records. If you have any bleak information about location, it would lead to more concrete results. 

Reconnect through Phone Number

In case you have details like your old friend’s phone number, you can get more accurate details. As a person’s phone number is their unique identity, it leads to more narrowed down results. In a jiffy of entering the number, you can ascertain the caller and information about them. 

Reconnect through Address

You can access an old friend’s public records immediately upon entering their address. As it is an old friend, you might not have the most accurate and reliable data. But, whatever you have, even by vague insertions of address, you can find people. 

Reconnect from Email

While a phone is a unique telecommunication ID of an individual, email is a unique digital ID. So, if you do have an old friend’s email from the past, it can be used to find them.   

How to reconnect with an Old friend through CocoFinder

To use CocoFinder to find an old friend is the most seamless way of finding someone. You do not have to call for numbers, look for directory, talk to connecting people, etc. All you need to do is follow the below mentioned procedure and reconnecting becomes extremely easy:

Enter the Name of the Old Friend

As the initial step to reconnect with an old friend, you need to go to the CocoFinder page. When on the page, you can enter the first name and last name of your old friend. If you have further more details of your friend, you can enter them as well for more concrete results.

Filter the Result

You will attain filtered results pertinent to the details entered by you. If the information is quite vague, the results can be many, covering the data you provided. If your information was specific in nature, the results can be more concrete. 

Download & View Report

The next step would be to browse through the search results. When you find the data pertinent to your request, you can download and view the report. For seeking this information, you would need to provide your email ID.

You can then enter your card details and pay for the data you are seeking. Upon success of the same, the data will be received immediately on your email. You can then access every vital information of your old friend. 

Why use CocoFinder to connect with old friend

There are a plethora of reasons why you must seek support from CocoFinder to reconnect with an old friend. It has the most reliable database and 100% authentic sources to generate and filter out the results. 

As compared to the glitzy social media, CocoFinder is all about the real information. The information that people do not reveal online can be found here. It also gives information about the history and background of a person that can’t be found on social media.

Below are some core reasons why you should rely on CocoFinder for reconnecting with old friend:

Most Trustworthy Database

The sources of obtaining data for CocoFinder are extremely authentic and reliable. There can be no unauthentic and unreliable information. In addition to the database being trustworthy, it’s also very fast. You will always obtain reliable results from CocoFinder. 

Depicts True Picture

When you look out for someone on social media, all you see is the picture painted by the individual. No one is posting their failures, struggles or current state of affairs. It will show you whether you would want to reconnect with their current self. 

Prompt Results

You can generate immediate results from CocoFinder. The platform’s interface is quick, prompt and extremely user friendly. You would just know what to do and how! Immediate and prompt results are some of the most essential perks of the platform. 


You can use CocoFinder to find out someone’s death, living status or professional status. So when it comes to reconnecting with an old friend, you only get reliable information from CocoFinder. From the vast and large database of CocoFinder, you can only obtain bankable information.

One must feel pride in people finding platforms such as CocoFinder. It is devoid of any falsification and reveals people and lives, as it is!

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