How to Receive Faxes on Gmail, Google Drive & Voice, PC? (Updated 2020) - All Query Solves Here!!

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How to Receive Faxes on Gmail, Google Drive & Voice, PC? (Updated 2020)

Do you want to get rid of fax machines and phone lines? You will need modern fax services to send and receive faxes. These services allow you to manage the transmission of faxes through PC, voice, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Nowadays, numerous online fax services are available. If you need the best one, choose CocoFax faxing solution. It has special features to manage the heavy-volume of faxes.

Versatile Faxing Service: CocoFax

Do you want to receive faxes to Gmail by using CocoFax? Things will be extremely easy for you with CocoFax. It allows you to manage the transmission of faxes without any trouble. This reliable and reputed brand has more than one million customers.

It successfully featured on Top 10 Reviews, iGeeksBlog, New York Times, PC world, etc. To send sensitive documents, you can get the advantage of HIPAA compliant and encrypted faxing services. These services are reliable and affordable for everyone.

Visit the official website of CocoFax to find out more. See the guidelines for receiving faxes on Gmail, Google Drive, Voice, and PC.

How to send faxes with CocoFax?

If you want to send faxes with CocoFax, you have to create your free account. For this reason, you will need your email address, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. See the easy instructions:

Step 01: Create your CocoFax account and get a free trial for 30 days. After signing up, you will be able to select a fax number. You have to register an email address to receive and send the faxes.

Step 02: Open your Gmail account on a browser or a Gmail app. Tap on “Compose Email” and start working on a new pop-up window.

Step 03: Compose a fax document and fill the critical fields. Make sure to enter the email address of the receiver along with A fax number can be Now you have to attach the document in supported formats.

CocoFax supports jpg, png, xlsx, xls, docx, doc, etc. Feel free to upload more than one document in an email. Before hitting “Send”, you have to double-check important information. After delivering a fax, you will get notification of successful delivery in your inbox.

Receive Faxes on Gmail

It is easy to receive faxes on the registered email address, such as Gmail. Remember, CocoFax may forward your faxes to an email address. To check received faxes, open email notification of Cocofax in Gmail inbox.

To check the received fax, you can open the inbox. The fax documents will be available in the form of attachments. It is easy to download pdf formats. If you want to receive an email, make sure to share your fax number with the receiver.

Send Faxes on Google Drive

If you want to send faxes from Google Drive, sign in to a CocoFax account. Open your email account and tap at compose an email. In the “To” field, you can write Feel free to attach files from Google Drive.

To attach files, tap on “+” sign to add essential attachments. You will see numerous options in this field. Choose “Google Drive”, pick the important documents to attach, and click on “Send”.

Receive Faxes on Google Voice

To receive faxes on Google voice, you have to unblock your Google voice number and port it to the CocoFax network. After successful porting, you can provide this number to your clients. This number is available as a fax number to send and receive faxes.

Your received faxes will be available in the inbox. Feel free to check your inbox of the email registered with CocoFax. Check the received documents, open them, and download your attachments.

Receive Faxes on PC

A free fax number of CocoFax will be available to send and receive faxes. After free signup with CocoFax, you will be able to access their dashboard. If you want to check your received faxes from the computer, sign in to your CocoFax account and get access to the panel.

You can use a web browser or CocoFax app to access the dashboard. On the dashboard, you will find a “Send Fax” button. Tap on this button and compose your fax in a pop-up window. For more information, visit their official website.


Overall, CocoFax is a reliable and reputed brand to manage the transmission of sensitive documents. It allows you to ditch your fax machine and receive faxes in your inbox. For maximum security, fax documents are available in PDF format.

They offer different options to receive and send faxes. Feel free to use your current email address to get registered with CocoFax. Complete information is available to their official website.

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