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How to Learn Russian Quickly and Effectively: Tips and Tricks

You’ve been learning Russian for months, but you still can’t say a word, and watching movies is out of the question? Perhaps you’re just not learning Russian correctly. 

Let’s talk about simple but effective rules that will help you speak Russian in just a few lessons! 

Rule 1. Learn Russian using the immersion method. Listen to the radio, watch movies, and look for video lessons in Russian. An intermediate language prevents you from concentrating on the language you’re learning and consequently slows down the process of learning Russian. If you want to speak or understand Russian, the communicative method will give you much more than any grammar book. 

Rule 2. Try to memorize phrases, not individual words. Along with the phrase you learn the grammar. How to use a word in this or that context and in this situation, how to form sentences, how to ask questions – all this comes not with rote memorization of rules, but with memorization of the most used phrases in Russian. 

Rule 3. The aspect of language that you pay most attention to when you are learning will be the one you develop the best. For example, if you only do grammar exercises, inflect words, and conjugate verbs, you will be a master at it. But you will never speak if you don’t try to speak. Do you want to watch Russian films? Watch movies! Want to talk to Russians fluently? Try to talk, find a teacher or an interlocutor and practice, and you’ll talk! You can’t play a musical instrument if you only watch others play. Practice is necessary!

Rule 4. Take at least ten minutes of Russian lessons, but every day. If you hear Russian speech and try to speak, it won’t take long to get results. Repeat what you’ve learned, and try to speak to the Russians. Regularity is very important in the process of language learning. If you studying Russian, be sure that you have a lot of time. Because this language is quite difficult. You can sacrifice your native language and use English homework help, for example, It will help you to save some time for the language you’re learning. 

Rule 5. Find your motivation. If you don’t know why you want to learn Russian, you will quit your lessons very soon. Reading Dostoevsky in the original? A great excuse to learn Russian! Travel all over Russia on your own? Fine, you need to know at least the basic phrases to survive. Use it for studying, for example,  history research topics? Great idea! Watch Russian comedy shows and understand the mentality of Russians? Wonderful motivation. Or maybe you want to find love in Russia? Or conquer the Russian-speaking distant relatives of your family? Look for your personal motivation, and you won’t give up on learning Russian! 

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