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How To Improve SEO For Your Local Business


Are you targeting customers in your area?

When word-of-mouth is a great way to get more customers, you also can consider local SEO for the same purpose. Studies say that 97% of search engine users are searching online to find a local business. 

In addition to that, 46% of the total number of Google searches were for getting local information. 

Therefore, in case your business is not ranked in the local search results, you might be missing out on a considerate number of valuable customers and traffic. If you do not know much about local SEO, you will get a lot of tutorial content from the pirate bay

However, here in this article, we are going to guide you with the essentials. Let’s start with a basic understanding of local SEO. 

What Is Local SEO?

In order to understand local SEO, you first need to understand what local search is. 

Local search is when an individual searches for products, services, businesses, or any other addiction information that is relevant to a particular location. For example, someone can search for “flower shop near me” to get the addresses of their nearest flower shop. 

So, we can say that a local search is more specific to a particular location compared to a usual Google search. 

Now comes the local search, which refers to the specific process of optimizing one’s online visibility for showing up in all those local search results. Local SEO helps you with the following. 

  • Attract more foot traffic to your physical location. 
  • Boost your online visibility.
  • Bring more targeted traffic that enhances your chances of conversions. 
  • Build trust and improve your credibility. 

How To Improve SEO For Your Local Business

As you get the idea about what local SEO is, let’s move into the main part of this article- how to boost your SEO for local businesses. 

#1 Claim And Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

For your local SEO strategy, Google my Business or GMB is the most critical part. This Google tool lets you create free business listings. 

Also, it is one of the most important factors Google considers while ranking businesses in snack pack results and local organic search. Go to google my business and provide the below-mentioned details. 

  • Full business name.
  • The exact location on a map.
  • Office or physical store address.
  • Phone number and website.
  • Business category. 

#2 Keep Mobile In Your Head

Smartphones are now a crucial part of our daily lives. It has been found that approximately 82% of search engine users use their phones for conducting “near me” searches. 

That means you are required to optimize your website for mobile searches as well. Develop a mobile-friendly website so that the visitor does not face any trouble getting the information they are looking for. 

#3 Gather A Number Of Customer Reviews

In your local search, ranking reviews signals play a vital role. So, it will be best if you can include some organic reviews from your customers. 

Just as they leave a review on your website and rate your services or products, in order to encourage them, you can think of different ways like complimentary services or additional discounts. 

#4 Focus On Local Link Building

When it comes to local searches, link signals, for example, linking quantity and domain authority, are some of the top influencing factors. 

Similar to regular SEO, local SEO also needs link building for boosting your link profile. Here, you just need to ensure that the linking domains are more relevant to your target location. 

#5 Ensure NAP or Citation Consistency

In local SEO search results, Google considers citation signals, like citation volume and NAP. Here NAP stands for Name, address, and phone number. 

It means your basic information has to be on major citation websites, such as GMB, Facebook, Yelp, and Bing Maps. Moreover, always ensure that across all websites and platforms, your business NAP is consistent. 

Ready To Get Local 

These are all you need to take care of when you are thinking about considering local SEO for your business. In case you have any doubts or further queries, feel free to reach us; we will come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

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