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How To Fax Using A Free Google Fax Number?

With the advancements in technology, communication has become a lot easier. Unlike the past, now sending and receiving documents and messages only need seconds to reach its recipients, irrespective of the fact that they live far away. Today, you no more need a fax machine or a dedicated line service to transmit documents or for receiving faxes.

Now, internet technology has made rapid progress in faxing. Thus, just simply by linking a fax number to your Gmail account, you can exchange faxes online within minutes. Another reason why using a free Google fax number is advantageous is that you neither need a dedicated landline nor any installation services for faxing documents.

What is a Google Fax Number and How to Start with it?

A Google Fax number is basically an online fax number that is connected with your Gmail account and allows you to fax via your computer within the Gmail dashboard. 

It automatically forwards all your incoming faxes directly to the inbox of your Gmail account. In contrast to the traditional one, you can start using a virtual fax number within minutes. This is because it does not require any lengthy physical set up process.

Moreover, to get started with it, you need to fulfill two basic requirements, i.e., a Gmail account and an online fax service. These online fax services come along with various features and one of the most important of them is the free online fax number. 

These free Google fax numbers are responsible for transforming your incoming faxes to digital documents. Also, it helps to transmit or exchange faxes via the internet.

Our Recommended Google Fax Services:

A good Google fax service offers you features that help in optimizing your faxing tasks. Here we can recommend some of the best Google fax service providers that can get easily integrated with Gmail. Whether your business is big or small, it will be great for all types of businesses. 

The biggest advantage of these services is that before signing up for these Google fax services, you can try out them for free.

RingCentral Fax: Being packed with an extensive range of useful features, it is one of the leading service providers. It perfectly performs its job of integrating advanced fax features in Gmail. Moreover, it offers its users the ability to fax using your smartphone and well integrate it with other virtual office tools.

These service providers offer toll-free, local as well as vanity numbers in almost all major cities of Canada, USA and United Kingdom.

eFax: Another favorite service provider for international customers is eFax. This well-known service offers its numbers in and across over 42 countries. Because of their excellent and quality services, they have got great ratings worldwide. Thus, its popularity and favoritism among customers have combined together to make it the topmost fax company till date. However, it also offers you the opportunity to pick from any toll-free or local international numbers.

Understanding How Google Fax Number Works:

As soon as you sign up for Google fax services, it automatically starts delivering faxes to your Gmail account. When your online free Google fax number becomes active, you can start sending or receiving faxes via your computer. 

When a person sends you a fax, the online fax number of yours grabs this incoming fax transmission and automatically converts it into a TIFF image. After that, it sends it to a powerful provider server where the image is converted into a PDF instantly. Then it forwards it followed by delivering it directly to the inbox of your Gmail account.

Once the fax is successfully delivered to your Gmail inbox, now it’s ready to print, save, or forward. Whenever an incoming fax transmission takes place, you will get notified either through an Add-on notification or via your phone.

Furthermore, you can ensure to safeguard the privacy of your data as all data that travels through your online fax number is encrypted through secure connections. 

How to Get a Google Fax Number?

Google fax number is undoubtedly an effective communication tool that helps in the growth of your business. Therefore, it is significant to use a number from the location of your business.

In order to get a Google fax number, first of all, you need to sign up with a reputed online fax service provider. You can choose to create an account with popular service providers like eFax or RingCentral Fax. Then proceed to link your number with your Gmail account to get a free Google fax number.

You don’t require a separate fax number for your every Gmail account. Most of the services come with an allowance to link up to 5 different email addresses to a single fax number. This feature is useful when there is more than one person involved in sending or receiving faxes. Undoubtedly, its advanced feature comes handy and saves a lot of time. 

Types of Fax Numbers that should be Picked:

For any industry or business, it is quite important to have the right type of Google fax number. So, check out this information carefully to get started.

Usually, there are three types of online fax numbers that you can pick for faxing.

Toll-Free Fax Numbers

These fax numbers are free to reach and the sole procedure to request them is through using a physical line of your phone company. These services offer numbers with various toll-free prefixes such as 888, 800, 866, and so on. Make sure that these prefixes basically stand for US-based fax numbers

So, in case you are looking out for a toll-free fax number for any other country, then at first you must talk to your service provider. They will suggest you the availability of options that you have.

Local Fax Numbers

These ordinary Google fax numbers are widely used all over the USA. So, if you are residing in the same area, then you can send a fax easily to the seven-digit number. On the other hand, if you are not residing in the same area but inside the USA, then make sure to include number 1 along with the area code.

Vanity Fax Numbers

These specialized Google fax numbers are not easily offered just by creating an account. But if you require one, then definitely you can request any of these by paying an additional setup fee. The charges vary as per the different service providers.

What makes these vanity numbers unique is that the numbers include a certain word. Like, 313-KANSASFC, 1-800-DOCTORS, etc.

How to Port your Current Fax Number?

If your business is already owning a fax number, then it is significant not to change it. If you keep the same number, then you will be able to avoid any delay in the communication process. 

Fortunately, with just some simple steps, you can change over to online faxing with your current fax number. This is done through number porting. The process involves taking your current fax number and transforming it into a digital one. Though the completion of this transition process may require up to a week, once it’s done, it will allow you to fax via the internet.

While porting your fax number, make sure to choose a quality service provider so that you can get reputable services.

Pros of Using a Google Fax Number:

Once you have a Google fax number, you are no longer a prisoner of the problematic fax machine. A virtual online fax number is doubtlessly one of the easiest and fastest solutions to transfer faxes. With this, you can directly receive a fax on your computer and that too without the need for any physical installation.

It just takes around 5 minutes to get a free Google fax number. You need to sign up for its services, then pick a fax number of your choice and then start using your free trial. Additionally, there are many ways in which this digital fax number improves your faxing experience.

Let’s take a look at its benefits:

  • It is incredibly fast while working.
  • Replaces the need for a dedicated landline.
  • You can store and access your faxes digitally.
  • You can send or receive faxes directly on your smartphone via your Gmail account.
  • It’s far more affordable and you can even get a free Google fax number.
  • You can even access fax directly from your cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • You get the option to choose between various types of numbers.
  • Comes with improved security features.
  • This fax number is even available for international companies.

So, now no longer you need to worry about the malfunctioning of the fax machine or complicated installation of a telephone line. With a free Google fax number, now you can enjoy a smarter way to fax documents.

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