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How Is Bitcoin And Dancing Similar In Some Aspects?


Yes, you read it right. Bitcoin and dancing do have some amazing similarities between them. That doesn’t mean dancing will get you the same results as crypto trading. Neither crypto trading is somewhere near to dancing but the process and the result both these activities give you are kind of the same. And we are here to discuss that same matter, shall we?

But first, let us talk a little bit about Bitcoin. So, what exactly Bitcoin is? And what is all that rage about? Read below to know it all. You can also head over to Official Brexit Trader site to know more about crypto trading and all the latest news related to it.

Let’s Dig Into All Thinks Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency. Now you may ask what is digital currency? Let’s put it this way. With physical currencies, you can go to an ATM or bank to deposit or withdraw money. But that’s not the case with digital currencies aka Bitcoin. You can only deal with Bitcoin digitally through crypto trading apps or the Official Bitcoin website.

With physical currencies, you don’t have total power over your money as it is constantly being monitored by the bank authority or by the central governing authority. So, every step you take or every investment you make will be watched by the governing bodies.

But with Bitcoin, there is no such case as this. Because Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency. Meaning there are no governing bodies eyeing your money. This is a fully automated system that is run by thousands of automated machines. Thankfully there are no set of rules to follow with Bitcoin so you can spend it according to your likings.

Now that we have the brief of Bitcoin, let’s move on to our main focus today, which is the similarities between Bitcoin trading and dancing.

You, Will, Get There Slowly

Just like dancing you cannot become a pro at your very first Bitcoin trade. Dancing needs a lot of practice and so does Bitcoin trading.

• Simply because proper Bitcoin trading demands a lot of experience, market reading and knowledge. When you are just starting you will not have any of these you have to play along with your intuitions. This brings us to the next point.

• In the case of dancing, you have to learn for several years to get better at it. You will not get your moves correct just in the beginning, so you have to keep learning and grinding till you get to your desired position.

Have Faith In Yourself And Keep On Practicing

Both Bitcoin trading and dancing can have a rather bumpy start. Even it is bound to fail multiple times before you get your moves and facts right. But that doesn’t mean you will give up.

• While starting with Bitcoin trading you might face a couple or two losses but that doesn’t mean you will keep failing. You just have to be intuitive and keep playing till you get success.

• Similarly to dancing you might have a rough start, you will fall and injure yourself time and again but you have to practice the art to be better at it.

There’s More To It

Both Bitcoin trading and dancing have this thing in common which is, you can share your knowledge with others.

• You can surely open a consultant firm after you learn to read the market and get better at it.

• On the other hand, after years of practice, when you get confident enough you can always open a training centre to teach other novice peoples how to dance.


We tried to present Bitcoin and Dancing to you in a very friendly manner. The resemblance is resoundingly real. 

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