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Fix This Copy of Windows is not Genuine

Windows is the most popular Operating System. And, it is been cherished by a lot of users. The OS works perfectly fine. However, users often encounter some error codes or glitches at times. So, while using your PC, you might come across a “this copy of Windows is not genuine” message at times.

So, let us guide you on what to do when you get such error notifications.

Reason for “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine” Message

This particular issue occurs mostly in Windows 7. The primary reason for “this copy of Windows is not genuine” notification indicates three probable things –

  • The copy of Windows OS installed on your device is not authentic
  • Your license or Product key is expired
  • The Windows Update is creating some error

Regardless of what the reason for this issue is, it can be quite annoying. Especially if the error notification pops up while you are working. So, check out the next section to know about the fixes.

Fix the “This Copy of Windows is not Genuine” Message

If the “this copy of Windows is not genuine” message is disrupting your work, then we might have something that will help you. Check out the 3 fixes that can solve the issue. And, follow the step-wise guide as we have directed.

Method 1: Run an SLMGR –REARM Command

Fixing the “this copy of Windows is not genuine” error requires you to access your computer with Administrative Privilege. In case you are not using the Admin account then switch back to it to proceed.

Click on the Start option from the home screen and search for cmd. Upon finding cmd.exe right-click on it. And then, you have to select the Rus as Administrator option. These are steps for launching the Command Prompt with Administrative Privilege. Now, continue with the following guide –

  • Open the Command Prompt and type “SLMGR –REARM
  • Then click on the Enter key to execute it
  • Now, a confirmation window will open and you need to click on OK
  • Lastly, restart your computer.

Hopefully, when your PC restarts, you will not see the error code again.

Method 2: Uninstall KB971003

Usually, in the Windows OS, the updates get automatically downloaded and installed. Now if the OS received an update recently, that could be the reason for the “this copy of Windows is not genuine” error code. Now, what could have happened is accidentally Microsoft detected the license key as counterfeit.

If this is the reason behind the error message, then uninstalling updates will solve the issue. Here’s how to do it –

  • To begin, click on Start
  • Then, open Control Panel
  • You will find the View Installed Updates option there. Click on it.
  • Then, you will see a list that contains all the Windows updates you have installed. From that list, look for the update named KB971003.
  • Once you find it, uninstall it. For that, double-click on it and select Uninstall.

Now, after the KB971003 update is successfully uninstalled from your device, close the Control Panel. And then, restart your device. When the PC restarts, hopefully, the Windows OS will go back to the previous state where it was working fine. And, you will get rid of the “this copy of Windows is not genuine” issue.

Method 3: Re-Register the License Key

When you update the Windows OS on your PC, it can revoke the original license key. Or, the same can happen if you reinstall the updates or after a Windows recovery. In these instances, re-registering the License key solves the issues like the “this copy of Windows is not genuine” message.

Now, the procedure of re-registering the License key will require the License key. This one you will find at the bottom of the laptop. Product label and note it down once you find the license key. After that, you can begin the procedure.

  • To begin, click Windows key + R and it will open the Run dialog box.
  • Now, type “slui.exe
  • Then, click on OK
  • After running the command, you will see the Windows Activation prompt. Here, you need to select the option saying “Retype your product key
  • Now, you will see a box where you have to enter the license key you noted down previously

Hopefully, this will fix the issue. In case you still fail to fix it, you can come back to the Windows Activation screen. And then find the Activate Windows Online Now option. After this, you will see a bunch of instructions on the screen and follow those.

In case you fail again, click on the See other ways to activate the option, and again you will have to follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Ending Note

We hope you will be able to fix the “this copy of Windows is not genuine” error with the above fixes. Remember that the above fixes will only work if the Windows you are using is genuine. In case you are using a crack version, then you need to get the genuine one to make it work.

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