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Electric Beach Cruiser vs Electric Bicycles: What’s the Difference?

A beach cruiser is a type of bicycle. Electric beach cruisers and other styles of electric bikes that are each equipped with a battery and electric motor can be ridden with powered pedal assistance or run on full throttle power. Find out more about the distinctions between a beach cruiser and any other type of electric bike for men or women.

Beach Cruisers Are Casual But Versatile

Beach cruisers are a style of bicycle. Along with hybrid bikes, cruisers are one of the most popular comfort bikes to pair with a motor powered by a rechargeable battery. Cruisers typically stand out for their sleek, vintage frame design. An electric cruiser bike is an excellent choice for casual or recreational riding or for running errands.

This style of bike gets its name from its suitability for seaside rides. Cruisers excel at providing a smooth ride on paved surfaces and over dry terrain. In general, these bikes cannot travel as fast as hybrid or road bicycles, whether driven by manual pedal power or an electric motor.

Comfort Bicycles With Electric Motors

There are several types of comfort bicycles that include commuter, cruiser and hybrid bikes. A hybrid bike is a great choice for riders who frequent terrain that has substantial elevation changes or venture off-road. These all-purpose bikes combine features of mountain and road bikes and add a battery and electric motor for riding with pedal assistance or full electric power.

A hybrid bike may be a better choice if you plan to ride one electric bike on a wide variety of terrain. Cruiser bikes excel at providing a smooth ride with superior shock absorption on roads and other relatively flat and dry surfaces. Depending on whether you ride for recreation or transportation, you may prefer a particular style of bike.

Buying the Right Electric Bike

Getting a frame that fits your body is the first step toward selecting an electric bike. The same fit standards apply as when shopping for a bike that does not have a motor or battery. Check to see whether your height and weight fall within the ideal range for a frame. You may prefer the seat design and frame geometry of a cruiser or hybrid bike depending on your body and the way you ride.

The right frame can increase the comfort of a rider who is pedalling manually, using pedal assistance or riding on full electric power. Be sure to check the top speed and range of each model with a 250 watt hour or 500W battery to select the e bike build that is best suited to your riding lifestyle.

You may prefer to choose a beach cruiser to take on easy rides or order a hybrid electric bicycle if you want to cover more miles on- and off-road at faster speeds. Electric bicycles are available for riders of every size and riding style. Select a frame and customize an e bike with a 250W or 500W battery to achieve your desired top speed and distance range on pedal assist or full electric power.

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