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Digital Nomad | Essentials to Include in Your Van

Abandoning home in exchange for the carefree, mobile, and busy lifestyle that the van life offers will be one of the best choices you’ll ever make. That said, when you’re initially starting, it might be tough to figure out which goods are vital to your trip.

The trouble is, if you don’t have the appropriate setup, living in a van might be difficult. Many aspects of your daily life will be outside your control – traffic, weather, parking — therefore, you must ensure that everything else is under your control. Van life will be much smoother and more satisfying if you’ve taken care of everything essential.

This article will be an essential confederate in determining the essentials you need to live in a van. Whether you plan on winding and weaving through snowy mountaintops or driving along warm coastal roads, this article will help prepare you for everything. Read on!

1.GPS Tracker

When you park your van to explore or acquire supplies, you want to know that if it gets broken into, you’ll be able to track it down and recover it.

Investing in a GPS tracker for your van is well worth the money. If the worst happens, you’ll be able to track your van’s whereabouts and share it with local authorities right away.

Regardless of the likelihood, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the worse. For those instances when you’ll be leaving your vehicle unmanned, a GPS tracker will provide you peace of mind.

2.Power Inverter

A power inverter is one of those products that is always recommended. It’s great to have an option to charge your gadgets altogether without so much stress. If you have a mini-portable solar panel in your van(if you plan to stay out longer), you can visit beny.com.

Most electrical items may be charged using the cigarette lighter in your vehicle. It features two AC outlets and two USB connections, with enough power to simultaneously charge a laptop, phone, and other electronics. But you need back-up for power for when you have to work more. That is why working with a reliable company to get such an essential item is crucial. You do not want all your gadgets to die on you because you bought a gadget that served you for a short time.

Check the maximum power consumption of whatever you’re plugging into it, but you should be ok as long as you stay away from high-power gadgets like electric heaters or hair dryers.

3.Portable generator with solar panel

A large-capacity portable generator can be a major comfort on the road if you need extra power and have lots of room. When combined with solar panels, a portable generator provides limitless electricity no matter how far off the grid you go.

Depending on what you need to charge, portable generators come in a range of various forms. No matter what model of generator you go for, ensure its flexibility and that it serves your intended needs. You can visit beny.com to learn more. Since you’ll have enough power, you can enhance your experience by getting led strips, just to spice things up! If space allows, you can fit in a quality screen for when you want to watch movies.

4.Wi-fi range extender

No matter how much power you have, you need to be sure that your wi-fi will be reliable. Whether you want to work while in your van or simply want to watch your favourite Netflix program, you’ll need to be able to connect to nearby Wi-Fi hotspots and maintain a stable connection.

This is where products such as the alfa wi-fi extender come in. They have made it possible for digital nomads to have a home feel in their vans instead of searching for hotels and restaurants with free wi-fi to work or watch a movie.

5.Roadside Emergency kit

Although malfunctions and catastrophes are inconvenient, they are unavoidable in van life. You haven’t lived in a van until you’ve changed a tire, jump-started a battery, or dealt with an overheating engine! It’s a rite of passage if you will.

Getting aid in remote areas can be tough. It’s also necessary to have a roadside emergency kit on board if you want to conduct repairs yourself.

Roadside emergency kits include a wide range of tools to address a variety of situations. They’re also incredibly easy to keep in one simple, immediately accessible location because they’re packed.

6.Carbon Monoxide detector

Another must-have for van living is a carbon monoxide monitor. If there is a leak, you will be in grave danger, especially if you are sleeping.

Carbon monoxide detectors are small, lightweight, and easy to operate. You can keep it anyplace in your vehicle and rest easy knowing that such an important safety feature is in place.

7.Propane Stove

This is one of the most essential in van life. I mean, it’s not all the time that you are in a position to order take outs or eat in a restaurant before you go on the road. Ensure that you have a propane stove in your van to prepare a meal whenever you want. I would advise that you ensure that you have proper circulation before you use it.

The Bottom Line

Living on the road can be quite hectic if you are unequipped with the right essentials. If your van is big enough, ensure to stock enough essentials. If it’s small, minimize the number and focus on the relevance. Have fun as you hit the road!

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