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CocoDoc PDF Editor Review: Best PDF to Word Converter?

CocoDoc is one of the most popular PDF editors these days. Millions of people have registered on this platform due to its reliable tools. However, most users are still confused about its file converting tools.

It is because CocoDoc has recently added multiple tools to convert PDF in any other format you want. Check out this page where you can find all the tools added by this platform.

In this article, we will review the PDF to Word Converter of this tool so that our readers can find out more about this solution. Before we go ahead and cover that feature, let us tell you a few things about CocoDoc.

CocoDoc- The Easy Way To Edit PDF Online

As some of you already know, CocoDoc is an online PDF editor that lets you eSign or customize any PDF you want. All the tools available on the CocoDoc website are designed to help you edit PDF files conveniently. However, there’s much more to this tool that you are not aware of.

The most interesting thing is its cloud storage where you can store your files securely. It has an encrypted server that protects all the files on your cloud storage. Additionally, users can share files with other parties through the email sharing option.

That way, you can upload, edit, and share any file conveniently. The application is completely web-based and works with all modern smartphones. Thus, it is one of the most accessible PDF editors you will ever come across.

PDF to Word Converter

This tool is used to convert any PDF file into a Word file. Most users perform this conversion to get the full rights of converting a file through any word processor. Although CocoDoc’s PDF editor lets you edit any PDF, you can still choose to convert a file to a word document.

That way, you can keep that file and edit it through a word processor easily. There is a PDF unlocker that can come in handy while converting a file. It is because a password-protected PDF can not be converted without performing an unlock.

Users can access this tool on the homepage of this website. 

How to Use this Feature

Are you ready to convert the file with this tool? Follow these steps to use PDF to Word Converter on its website:

  • Choose the PDF to Word Converter from the features tab
  • Upload the file that you want to convert
  • Check the preview to make sure the editing has not impacted the layout
  • Click on Convert and wait for a few seconds
  • Download the file on your smartphone and use it as a word document

Tip: You can check the file format to make sure it is converted.

What More to  Expect From this Platform?

Apart from PDF to Word Converter, there are many other tools that you can find on this platform. The most common features are as follows:

eSign: This is one of the most widely used features of this website. It lets you sign any PDF file without changing its file format. Additionally, this signature is legally accepted and can be used to create a contract.

PDF Editing: The second most popular is the PDF editor that this platform is known for. You can use this feature to add or remove anything from your PDF file. It is way more reliable than any other tool you have used till now.

Merger and Compressor: As the name suggests, this feature is used to merge two or more files into one. Additionally, it can compress your file to decrease its size without impacting the quality.

And the list goes on. You can find all the other features on its website.

Final Verdict

Finding the right file converter can be a challenging task. However, this PDF to Word Converter is an excellent tool offered by CocoDoc. We tried it with different files and it delivered some amazing results.

You can trust it to convert any file online. Also, there are some other file converters on this platform for you to use. Thus, it can replace all other tools and become your one-stop for all the requirements.

We recommend checking out its PDF sign feature too.

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