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Charter to Offer Free Access to Spectrum Broadband and Wi-Fi for 60 Days

Covid affected our lives in different ways. Some of us lost our jobs while others started working from home. Moreover, it has limited the job opportunities that were available in the market and created new ones that require certain skills – and if you do not have those skills, then getting a job is hard for you. That means paying your bills becomes a burden and even more so, paying for internet bills seems way more frustrating when paying for other life necessities is hard. 

One way to get rid of these bills is to cancel the services but you cannot do so because many things depend on it as you might be working from home or your kids are taking online classes. In the midst of all this, what if we told you that you can get high-speed internet services for free for the next 60 days? I know it sounds unbelievable but it is indeed true.

During this whole pandemic situation, FCC took an initiative under the name “Keep Americans Connected Pledge” and providers like Spectrum took up this pledge. According to this pledge, internet service providers will waive off the late fee in case someone is not able to pay their bills on time due to the current outbreak. On top of that, if someone is not able to pay their bills, they will not disconnect their services. Spectrum went an extra mile in this regard and has offered to provide free internet for 60 days. 

What is Spectrum’s free internet offer?

As per this offer, Charter Spectrum will provide free internet access to households for 60 days so that the kids can attend online classes and keep up with their studies. The speed that would be offered through this plan is up to 100 Mbps which is sufficient for students for remote learning and to attend virtual classes. After 60 days, the regular internet rates will apply. So if you were holding back on internet services just because COVID has affected your economic situation, this is a great opportunity for you to sign up. 

With a free internet offer, Spectrum will provide you with a free self-installation kit so that you can install the modem and router and use the services. Additionally, Spectrum will also provide internet access to the general public by opening its network of Wi-Fi hotspots for public usage.

This offer was previously provided by Spectrum in March when schools were closed due to the pandemic and lockdown was implemented. In the last decade of September, Spectrum re-announced this offer so that people who missed the opportunity previously can benefit from it.

Eligibility criteria for Spectrum free internet

The free internet offer is mainly being provided for students and educators who are either taking classes online or are teaching online. So you would have to have a K-12 or college going student in your house to be eligible for this offer. Moreover, you should not have existing Spectrum internet services as this offer is being provided to people who are signing up for new services.

How much would I pay after 60 days?

How much would I have to pay after 60 days? That is a question that arises into mind after considering free internet offer. Well, the majority of the sources only mention that would be paying regular prices after 60 days but the answer is unclear. Judging by the pricing of Spectrum plans, I would say you should expect an amount of somewhere around $50 in your mind if you are going to sign up for the free internet offer. The reason for that is Spectrum Internet 100 is available for $49.99/ month for the first twelve months to the customers who sign up for new services. 

How to get Spectrum Free Internet?

After offering free internet to customers, Spectrum also provided a new toll-free number so that customers can call that number and sign up for new services. So to get the free internet offer from Spectrum, all you would have to do is call the toll free number which is 1-844-488-8395. After calling this number, you will have to provide your details so that your account can be created. There will not be any installation charges and the start of the services would be free. Moreover, you would not have to pay any deposits to get free internet.

What if I do not qualify for free internet?

Since free internet is being offered to students and educators only, you might not have any students in the house & cannot afford to pay $50 or$60 a month for internet services. If that is the case, there are other ways you can get cheaper internet through Spectrum. Other than free internet, Spectrum is also offering an Internet Assist plan to provide unlimited internet services to eligible low-income households. 

Through this plan, you will be able to get a download speed of up to 30 Mbps at a monthly price of $14.99. Since this plan is designed for low-income households, to be eligible for this – there should be at least one person in your house who is eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program or National School Lunch Program (NLSP).

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