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Career Women Advancements || 6 Ways To use Social Media to Attract the Right Potential Employers

As a career woman, there is nothing that is so rewarding, and that is advancing your career. The thrill! The excitement and the basic need to be more than just your simple roles at your office. It is a well-known fact that social media is among the few platforms that recruits are currently using to attract the right candidates for a job posting. 

Therefore, this article will give you a breakdown of how, as a woman, you can advance your career using social media and attract the right employers in the process. Let’s get into the details of this matter.

1.Create a Plan

This should be a simple thing that you should always remember. To attract the right audience, you need to be aware of what your career goals are as a woman. Know what you are looking for and create a concrete strategy that you should revisit frequently.

Failure to do so will leave you losing track of your primary goal and end up spending a lot of time on those social platforms, doing nothing of substantial value.

To make it easier for you to do this, break down your goals into smaller chunks and use every mini-goal to come up with a strategy to achieve this. This helps you to be able to know when you are making progress and when you are not, and what to do about it.

2.Be Lenient and Presentable 

One thing you need to always have at the back of your mind is that everything is public. Meaning that whatever you post on any social platform has an impact on your career advancement.

Now, to make things smooth for you, if you have any other account that may incriminate you, you can go ahead to delete it. This is because potential employers do not only go about looking for a specific person. When they like your content, they will conduct a deep search on you to ensure that you are the right candidate to be the face of their company. 

This is where having a clean sheet in social media comes in handy. It’s also good to know that while they may not have the time to do all this, they may be connected with people who know other things you post on social media and to be on the safe side, it better be good!

On the other hand, presentability matters a lot. While you want to be professional and all that stuff, remember that how you look matters as well. So before going to post anything online, take time to prepare. Having a good sense of fashion will come in real handy.

Have some makeup on and be sure to use the right brushes to bring it out well. Do not forget to throw some lashes in your budget as well. In fact, when you buy lashes wholesale, you get great offers, in both quality and price. You will be able to use them whenever you want, and the best part is that you will have them in all volumes and can slay them anytime.

3.Understand Your Target Audience

Before you go ahead to post anything on your social account. You need to understand what kind of employers you are looking to attract, know what they are looking for and the content that would attract them to your platform. 

For instance, if you are looking to advance your career in automation and robotics, it will be highly unlikely that anyone will look at your content if you will be posting about fashion. Simply put, know your niche and their preferred content. 

4.Consider Your Platform Choice

Not every social media platform is for jobs and serious things. For career advancement, platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn are perfect to grow your presence and attract the right employers.

This, simply put, is because they are known as the “ work- social-media”, meaning that most people post things that are work-related or go to read about fields they are interested in. If you are interested in energy, for instance, and you post about renewable sources, you may find your platform attracting people like Elon Musk and the likes.

Basically, use the right platforms and follow the right people on those platforms.

5.Measure Your Outcomes and Impacts

Every strategy and goal must have an outcome and impact. To know whether you are making the right choices and are on the right track. Like any other good plan, measuring your results helps you to restrategize. 

To be clear, no matter how good your plan is and how much results it brings you, at some point, it’ll reach an optimum point and you’ll need a new one. Keeping track of your results helps you know how soon or when you’ll be needing a new plan for your career advancement. It’s a simple thing that will take you far.

6.Identify the Keywords

For your content to reach the right and target audience and potential employers. Now, keywords work magic when it comes to social media content. By being keen on the major keywords and updating your content daily using these keywords. You are able to capture potential employers. 

The Bottom Line

Advancing your career as a woman is quite essential. Taking care of your health is just equally important. While at it, get quality sleep, exercise, eat healthily and stay hydrated. Best of luck!

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