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Career Ideas if You’re a Computer Expert

So you’re a certified tech geek. You can work machines inside and out and are always talking about the next big thing in technology. Do you also wonder if we’re living in a simulation, or if you can create one, for that matter? You have so many questions regarding the topic you love the most, however, you can’t seem to find the perfect career to satisfy your techy needs.

Computers need humans to teach them how to function. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of career paths you can choose from to teach these systems how to operate. The list of careers in the technological fields includes information systems, network administrator, and even web design. For the more gamer geniuses out there, there is the wonderful world of eSports. If you like computers but mostly gaming, eSports is an option for you.

Here are some fields for the computer experts of the world.

Get certified for various roles in the IT field.

The field of information technology has many ramifications. You can become a network engineer, data scientist, systems analyst, security analyst, or someone who works broadly in computer science. All of these jobs require certain degrees and certifications provided by universities and specialized companies like NexGenT. Certificates in information systems can include CCNA (Cisco) for network security, network administration, and network engineering jobs. Becoming a professional in the IT field can be incredibly rewarding for a lot of people, as you can create innovative systems and protect them from potential vulnerabilities, thus protecting people’s sensitive data in the process.

Become a skilled web developer.

Also a part of the IT field, web design is one of the most sought-out careers of the 21st century. Everyone needs a website nowadays, and as a web developer, you would be making that happen for individuals as well as for private companies. This career requires more coding than the previous careers in IT, so it needed its own section. You would be working with CSS, HTML, and Java to develop high-quality web portals of all kinds, so you need attention to detail and analytical skills. As a complement, you could take design courses to generate appealing websites that have coherent color palettes and thought-out buttons and details.

Dive into the eSports industry as a pro gamer.

For our other types of computer experts who prefer gaming over coding, you can become a part of the esports industry as a pro gamer. In the brief history of eSports, there have been many champions representing their countries in any cyberathlete professional league. Playing video games like Dota, League of Legends, and World of Warcraft requires competition, technical skills, and leadership skills. The skill set requirements are similar to what a lot of jobs out there demand from you. So if you want to put these skills to the test in your passion, get on the eSports train.

Design innovative applications for everyday solutions.

Applications are constantly being designed for gaming, financing, productivity, and creativity. Apps are not only for mobile devices, they come for PCs, websites, and gaming consoles. Apps like Twitch, Youtube, and Discord were all made by app developers. Developers have the ability to turn abstract ideas into apps that can make our lives a bit more convenient.

Study to become a computer engineer.

Computer engineering contains a bit of everything, and engineers in this field are needed now more than ever. Everything around us requires a certain degree of computer engineering to make it function—TVs, thermostats, gaming consoles like the Switch and Playstation, fans, alarm clocks, you name it. Computer engineers have the difficult task of coming up with technological solutions for a better tomorrow. Everything in engineering is about optimization, technological advances, innovation, and automation. If you’re the type of person who likes to solve difficult puzzles or come up with unique ways of doing things, computer engineering may be the field for you.

No matter the field you choose, there are many careers a computer expert like yourself can succeed in.

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