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Best Web Hosting Providers for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a model where the company pays the third-party websites for promoting the company’s product and services by which the company gets leads and traffic towards company’s product/services. This technique is now mostly used to make money online. To start affiliate marketing, you need a website.

Nowadays, launching a website has become easy thanks to tech advancement. To start your affiliate marketing journey, you only need to have a unique domain and a hosting web account for your website. This article gives candid details of some of the best web hosting affiliate providers for affiliate marketing globally.

1.    DreamHost Affiliate

DreamHost offers all types of shared hosting plans, such as dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and many more.  With that in mind, DreamHost is very famous in the web hosting industry.

You have the potential to earn approximately $120 per every referral that you make successfully through their hosting plan. The commission is earned under two conditions. The first condition is that your referral must purchase one or more of the hosting plans from DreamHost. The second condition is that your referral must maintain an active paid account for 97days with DreamHost.

However, a person that runs coupon-based sites is not eligible to join DreamHost

2.    WP Engine

Affiliate promoters working WP Engine earn a hefty commission of up to $200 per sale or an equivalent of the first month’s payment. Additionally, an affiliate promoter is eligible to earn a bonus commission even if you send a few referrals monthly.

A ShareASale account is needed for you to sign up as an affiliate promoter for WP Engine. Affiliates promoters attached to the program enjoy a minimum of $50 monthly payments.

3.    InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting offers a wide array of hosting plans. It also offers its affiliate promoters a perfect platform to earn unlimited commissions as a reward for their efforts. That is by providingoffering performance-based commissions.

Affiliates promoters attached to the program enjoy a minimum of $50 for every successful referral.

InMotion Hosting sends out payment via wire, check, or PayPal when the total affiliate commission reaches $100. However, there is a condition attached to the payment release. That is, your sale must be in approved status for a minimum of 50days.

4.    HostMonster

HostMonster stands among the best host affiliate programs. Its affiliate commission is $65 for every successful referral. You get your commission on a monthly basis, which is sent to your PayPal account.

5.    FatCow

FatCow specializes in the provision of hosting services to small businesses and individuals. However, it offers attractive payouts to its promoters because the average commission is about $100 per referral.

FatCow also has multiple affiliate commissions that are designed to attract more people to use its hosting plans. Hence, helping its promoters to earn a decent income. It takes 15 to 30 days for you to get a commission sent to your PayPal account after your referral makes a qualified purchase.

6.    Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways is ranked among the upcoming managed cloud hosting platforms. Cloudways is unique because it offers recurring commissions that also have attractive instant bonuses. For example, you will get an instant $25 in the event where your referral signup becomes an active customer. Also, you get an additional 10% recurring commission throughout the year on such customers.

Commissions are paid monthly via PayPal. Cloudways payment policy dictates that the minimum payout be set at $250.

7.    Web Hosting Hub

Web Hosting Hub is well-known for offering affordable and reliable hosting plans to its clientsclient. It also providesoffers decent commissions in a bid to ensure that its affiliate promoters get a respectabledecent income.

Affiliate promoters earn $50 for every successful referral, and the payout is processed via PayPal. However, the commission payout is not released until when it has accumulated to $100 and above.

8.    Kinsta Affiliates

Over time, Kinsta has turned into the best choice for most agencies and bloggers across the globe. As a result of the rapid increase of its client base, it offers attractive commissions to its affiliate promoters.

The commissions vary from $50 to $500 per every successful sale. Kinsta also offers a 10% recurring commission.

This makes it a great motivation to work as an affiliate promoter at Kinsta.

9.    Bluehost Affiliates

Bluehost is ranked among the most famous hosting choices for bloggers across the globe. Besides, Bluehost pays a lucrative commission to its affiliate promoters. For instance, some smart affiliate marketers attached to Bluehost make thousandsthousand of dollars per month.

With that in mind, if you are looking forward to becoming an affiliate marketer, Bluehost is among the best choices to settle for. That is because you will have the potential to make a decent earning. Bluehost pays $65 as commission for every successful referral.

The commission is released 45 days after the end month in which the qualified and successful referral is recorded.

10.A2 Hosting Affiliates

A2 Hosting specializes in the provision of hosting services to optimized WordPress hosting. Besides, it is known for giving lucrative commissions to its promoters. The commissions hit ahit to a maximum of $125 per successful sale.

The commission is released 45 days after the end month in which the qualified, successful referral is recorded.  The promoter gets the pay after surpassing the $100 commission threshold.


Other popular web hosting providers include HostGator Affiliate Program, WPX hosting, SiteGround Affiliate Program, iPage Affiliate, and Just Host Affiliate, among others.

Besides, it is necessary to check for SSL certificate as many webhosting services provide free SSL certificate. However, if you have multiple subdomains then, a cheap wildcard SSL certificate is a good idea to cover all your subdomains.

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