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App-wise difference between Android and iPhone

Pretty much anyone who’s ever owned a mobile phone (which is the majority of the population) already has a preference when it comes to the type of their favorite portable device. The two major “tribes” to which consumers pledge their allegiance are iPhones and Androids. Of course, there are numerous different companies that create Android phones, and they all come with differences among each other, but the biggest contrast comes between those two. Some are adamant on their choice being the only valid one, others don’t mind switching every now and then, while plenty of people love the rivalry that was created over the course of many years.

Naturally, nothing is black and white and each side has its merits. Apple did manage to place themselves as a trendsetter and, no matter what anyone else says, they are just that. iPhones are, among other things, fashion statements and luxury items and that is to many more important than their usability or functionality. On the other hand, Android phones used to be the “smarter choice” for those with limited budgets or people who prefer more control over their tech. As time went on, those boundaries started getting blurry. Nowadays, phones have gotten so good (you can even play VR sex games on those) that it’s often difficult to find a big difference. For quite a while now there are phones that cost more than the latest, most expensive iPhone while, with the appearance of flip-phones and foldable devices looking to enter the fashion industry, we can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us as a response to the usurpers on its throne.

However, with all that said, the functionality and software differences are present to this day and that reflects on apps as well. Apple was always about creating a smooth user experience, making it so that consumers didn’t need to have a lot of technical knowledge. Their operating system was limited in the eyes of advanced users while being premium and top-notch in the eyes of others and, to some, that is one of the reasons for justifying a higher price. Android devices are vastly superior in terms of customization allow you to do much more but also take a decent amount of skill for things the average user won’t ever need. However, there are instances, with dark-mode, for example, where Apple announced it years after it’s already become a staple in the Android world.

When it comes to apps, similarities are still there. Android has a lot more in the store and those can do anything you can think of while iPhones have a lot less. On the other hand, every application in Apple’s App Store goes through rigorous testing is of the highest quality once available, while Android apps don’t need that requirement and you can end up bombarded with useless things. In the end, both devices let you play My Little Pony porn games so, based on the aforementioned, pick your favorite and have fun with it.

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