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6 Ways to Delete Yourself from the Google Search Results

Many Internet security experts advise people that in order to prevent cybercriminals and hackers from accessing your personal and financial information, you need to remove all of your personal and sensitive data and information from people search sites and data brokers. While it’s sound advice, most people don’t realize that one of the biggest sites that captures all of your information, data  and online activity is Google. Yes, Google!

Every search, every entry that you type into Google and every click you make while you’re on their site is captured and stored – and ultimately shared or sold with data brokers. It’s big money for Google, and it helps to explain why Google is free to users. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, inc., makes over $100 billion per year, from ads, data broker fees and other income streams. And part of that $100 billion they earn each year is due to Google selling your sensitive information to data brokers. And while they’re earning their $100 billion per year partly from selling your data, you’re earning a big zero.’

So, what is a data broker? Data brokers, also called people search sites, collect as much information about you that they can find from all types of private sources and public records on the Internet. Everything from your address, employer, spending habits, court records, social media activity – the list is enormous!  And that’s the problem: with so much information taken from so many sources, there are going to be inaccuracies and flaws in the data. Often people find out that their data contains criminal records about you that are totally false. If a prospective employer sees this, your job prospect vanishes. Sadly, there are dozens upon dozens of similar errors that can ruin relationships, mortgage applications – there’s no end to the problems this causes.

Removing Information from Google

To fully protect yourself, and remove your data from Google, you first need to remove all of your personal information from people search sites.. It’s legal for those sites to post information gathered from public records and other public places,, but also by law, those sites must comply with your request to remove your information. The problem is finding all the sites that have your information and then following their steps to get it removed. Remember, your information is found and stored on numerous sites. According to statistics from OneRep, people appeared on an average of 46 different sites.

There are over 100 people search sites. Each one has their own specific steps to remove your personal data, so between the time it’s going to take you to find the various sites and then following their individual steps to remove your data, plan on spending a lot of time on the Internet chasing all of this down. If you do try to do this manually, use a disposable email service – never your actual email address. That way you can avoid spam and keep your email safe. Some of the top ones include mytemp.email, guerillamail.com and tempmail address.com.

However, there is a much easier way to get it done. OneRep removal tool is software that does all of this automatically for you, using the most sophisticated algorithms available. It navigates to each and every single people search site, and then automatically removes your personal data. Your time spent on the Internet doing all of this is minimal! 

Before discussing how to remove personal information from Google, you’ll need a basic understanding of how that information got there in the first place.Here’s how it’s done:

First, every month Google shares information with people search sites on the millions of searches people do, looking for names, employment, phone numbers and more. Remember, the people search site industry is a multi-billion dollar category, and many of those sites depend on the traffic from Google for survival. 

In addition to the money involved, it’s a very competitive industry, and people search sites are always looking to Google for survival, using fresh content only Google can provide. Google’s algorithms search all of the public records and can determine what is valuable and unique information and what isn’t. 

In addition, every one of those people search sites want to move up in the Google search results, because the higher up you rank, the more clicks you’re going to get. And here’s where Google can outmaneuver their competitors. They  have the unique ability to boost someone’s profile using information they collect during a person’s online browsing activities as well as that person’s online and offline transaction history. Only Google has that data available.

Additional Things to Remember


Just be aware that removing information from major people search sites isn’t going to be enough. Even if you scrub your data from sites like Whitepages, Spokeo, Truthfinder and MyLife, Google will find information on you on sites you’ve never even heard of. 

Another thing to remember is that your data can reappear after you remove it, so OneRep will continue monitoring those sites for information posted about you. You should also check those sites on your own by Googling your name, to see what’s recently been posted. Here’s something else to consider; there are new people search sites popping up all the time. Everyone knows that information and private data is a lucrative business, so companies will keep adding new sites all the time, and they’ll be publishing your information too. You just have to stay one step ahead of them all the time.

By staying vigilant, and Googling your name on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to catch the information as it’s posted and have it deleted before it can do any harm. It also pays to remember that information about you will always be posted, and checking for any inaccuracies is the key to preventing problems.s

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