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6 Best Online Education Platforms

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You can learn to build robots under MIT professors’ guidance, take embroidery and sewing courses, or get a certificate from the New York Institute of Photography without getting out of your pajamas. If the online learning format seems ideal to you, you are in the right place. Together with https://uk.essayshark.com/ (a renowned essay writing service), we have prepared a collection of the best online learning platforms that can help you acquire new skills. 

TED Talks 

A non-profit foundation based in the USA, TED (Technology Entertainment Design), was established in 1984. At first, the organization was not engaged in online projects and held annual conferences with invited experts who could tell something interesting and useful at the same time. For example, during the first TED conference, the first Macintosh was demonstrated, and the mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot explained his theory of fractals.

The conferences were always documented, and with the development of the Internet, the organizers began to upload them online. After 2000, the event started to be held more often than once a year, and TED talks grew to a site with a multimillion audience. Now it offers monologues of scientists, writers, actors, and politicians, and the TEDx project, working in parallel with Talks itself, allows scientists and public figures all over the world to speak, record presentations, and share their knowledge. 


Eight years ago, a group of Stanford University professors of computer science launched an online platform for mass education, which is currently the largest in the world. The website constantly publishes announcements of courses on different topics and in different price categories. Thus, last year the most popular lecture series were “Social Psychology,” “Game Theory,” and “Basics of Programming.”

Coursera has hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide who love the platform for its philosophy of accessible education and its quality. 

New York Institute of Photography

The New York Institute of Photography opened distance learning a few years ago. Today the community of students at the Institute has grown and become global. To access materials and professors, it is necessary to apply for training, and after it is accepted, pay for the first semester. Tasks, lectures, and other materials are published in a private account, and in return, students send their photos, which meet the requirements of homework. The professors review and evaluate them, pointing out the mistakes, if any. 

As an official institution, the New York Institute of Photography grants a certificate of completion of the course, which is recognized in most countries of the world.


Radiolab is one of the best podcasts on the planet, which tells about complicated things in simple language. It is indeed a reasonably witty, ironic, and straightforward portal where listeners can find topics that are right for them. For several years now, podcasts have been answering a variety of questions: why do we like to be near dangerous animals, but be safe, how memory works and why do we forget simple things. And all of this comes from teachers from English-speaking universities around the world.

MIT Online 

Technicians around the world are constantly talking about MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as the best technical university on Earth. University students assure that Google Glass was invented here 30 years ago. Obviously, it is almost impossible to get into this institution: you need to be not only wealthy but also almost genius. Despite this, MIT professors are not so inaccessible: an online training program has been working at the institute’s website for a long time. Despite the narrow specificity of the lectures, you can find something that fits your goals. For several years now, MIT has been compiling not only archives of video lectures, but also PDF copies of their lectures, which are also in free access.

Creative Live 

The name speaks for itself. This website contains lectures and courses for representatives of creative disciplines. There are several sections, and they cover all media materials, which are currently uploaded to the portal: “Photo and video,” “Art and design,” “Music,” “Crafts and life,” “Business and Money.”

In order to start training, you must register and pay for the desired course, which will begin immediately. You can, of course, communicate with other students, as well as with the instructor. Besides the training and certificate itself, students have the opportunity to make international acquaintances in the field of interest to them.

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