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Updated : Jan 20, 2020 in Education

5 great Apps for College Students You Should Have in 2020

While in college, make sure you save your phone’s storage for essential apps. Life in college is like a marathon, and you need applications that will keep you on course. Keeping up with assignments 24 hours, seven days a week is not something you should take lightly. You need a set of tools to help you manage your time and organize your day.  You can always delegate part of your writing tasks to experts, for example Writer For My Paper.

You might wake up early but end up wasting the entire morning because you are not an objective student. When you have a to-do list, for instance, you’ll wake up knowing exactly what you want your day to look like. 

So do you have a class at 7 a.m. every other day? How do you plan your days to ensure you are always in the lecture hall on time? What do you do once you’ve attended all lectures for the day?  Not to say that students should operate like robots, but need to be objective and intentional with every action you take. 

Time is the most valuable resource you have, and if you mess with it, everything else goes south. Here are five must-have applications that will ensure you’re always on the right track.

  1. Lecture Capture Apps 

When you have five lectures in one day that you need to attend, you get to a point where your hands can no longer write or type. You need the right lecture capture app that records the entire lecture whether you’re sitting in front or at the back. 

Such apps ensure that you don’t waste an entire lecture just seated and not taking down notes. You can then go through the recording later on when you’re well-rested and in a position to understand what the lecturer was talking about. 

With a lecture app, you don’t have to miss a lecture because you’re too exhausted to write. The mistake you should not make is having your friend record for you the lecture. You’re better of attending the class because what you hear during the lecture will help you decord the recording.

  1. Revision Apps 

Are exams around the corner? Do you need to gauge how prepared you are? If so, then download revision apps. These applications help you go through a semester’s worth of notes within a short time. If you have to sit for a paper in two days, you want an application that will help you go through all your notes within those two days. 

  1. Exam prep Apps 

Aside from revision apps, you also need exam prep apps that help you find out if you’ve memorized your course work. Remember memorizing is the difference between good grades and great ones.

  1. Study Planner App 

Without a study planner app, you might end up studying one unit more than the rest. This is not recommended because all the units contribute to your overall performance. Make sure you have a study planner app that helps you maintain your focus.

  1. Student Safety 

You need to stay safe on-campus at all times. Student safety apps ensure that your friends always know where you are so that in case anything happens, they know where to look. 

Make sure that each time you’re going out of town, you carry a power bank so that your mobile device is always on. This way, your friends have an easy time tracking your steps if you get lost.

No one wants to be abducted buts it is always better to be safe than to end up sorry. 

  1. Conclusion 

These student apps ensure you have a seamless college life experience. Ensure you download quality apps that offer you optimum functionality. 

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