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3 Tools to Help Your Business on Social Media

Social media is an incredible tool for businesses of all sizes. You can leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness, gain a loyal following, and generate sales.

Consistently posting on social media is important to build an audience and get your brand name out there. But staying active on social media is much easier said than done.

When you’ve got a million and one other things to do, posting on multiple social media platforms isn’t the first thing on your mind. As important as it is, social media is often the first thing to suffer when you’ve got limited time and finances.

There are lots of great tools that you can use to make staying consistent on social media much easier. These tools can be used to create high-quality imagery for your content, engage with your followers, and build a strong social media presence.

Here are three tools to help you grow a strong following on social media and grow your business.

  1. Photo Editing Platform

Social media is mostly about creating a visual impact. You want social media users to see your posts and be intrigued to learn more about your brand. There are lots of great tools that you can use to maximize the quality of your images and create the most impact.

Whether you use a web-based photo editing platform or an app, you’ll be able to adjust the brightness and saturation of your images. You’ll also be able to create a transparent background or crop and merge pictures of your products.

You can use Canva or PhotoShop to create your posts from scratch. You’ll be able to produce infographics to share important updates and discounts or product images to display your new launches.

  • Scheduling Tools

When you’re a busy entrepreneur, you may not have time to post on social media every day. This is where scheduling tools come in handy.

You can batch create your content and set your posts to go live at specific times and dates in the upcoming week. You could even schedule as far as a few months in advance if you’re organized!

Tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social also make it easy to track your social media metrics. You can monitor which posts have received the most engagement and dater your future social media marketing strategy accordingly.

  • Customer Communication Tool

Platforms like Shopify can be linked up to your social media channels to make customer communication easier. You can chat to your customers in real-time, answering product inquiries and dealing with concerns.

Because you’ll be able to answer customer queries quickly and easily, your customer satisfaction will increase. They’ll love that they’re speaking to a human as opposed to an automated chatbot! It will also ease the stress off your customer support team’s shoulders, enabling them to cater toward each customer’s unique needs.

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