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10 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

Social media is the best platform for businesses to promote their goods and services and to stay in touch with their potential and regular customers. The good news is that this task is not that difficult these days. Especially when you have some social networking software

that helps you on a daily basis. What are the best social media management tools? How can you benefit from them? Let’s delve deeper!

  1. Falcon.io

If you’re looking for a cloud-based marketing solution to manage your customers’ experience, you definitely should consider Falcon.io. It is good with Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and, of course, Instagram.

First of all, it doesn’t matter how big your business is. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a large digital audience, you can plan across your social channels with ease. Besides, there is a Social Inbox feature as well as social monitoring and listening. You get a content calendar where you can create your content and schedule it. Moreover, you can leverage the marketing campaign builder and integrate it with your current systems. 

If you have some questions about Falcon.io, they are always ready to provide you with email support and online tutorials. 

  1. VPN

Honestly, VPN apps are a must regardless of your business goals. They are used to protect the connection and to change your geolocation. Without any doubt, the double VPN feature is especially relevant these days, when a lot of people work from home. Running your social media without decent protection, you can compromise your company’s and your customers’ data. That’s why it would be a good choice to download an appropriate tool. Such applications like VeePN are also widely used by SMM managers who are looking for new insights and ideas on the Internet. Even with a free version of a product, you can overcome geographical restrictions and reach whatever websites you want. So, start with a trial and leverage all available opportunities.

  1. Hootsuite

If you discuss the list of best social management tools with your colleagues from other companies, they may ask you a question — What is better than Hootsuite? It is because this social media software is one of the best. When you want to create and manage business campaigns, you don’t need to do it manually. Just open your helper, and get access to a single dashboard. It is used to schedule messages, track conversations, manage different profiles and handle various social activities.

Hootsuite is good for all popular social media platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Get VPN free, and use this tool without any restrictions wherever you’re located. 

  1. Canva

What tools does a social media manager need? Of course, there are a lot of social media posting tools or VPN apps, but what about software for design features? You can boost your game with attractive graphic visuals, especially when it comes to Instagram or Pinterest. Want to generate better leads? Hook them with appealing images! Canva will help you along this path. 

This tool was created to help marketers manage visuals for their campaigns. Even if your team is very small and you don’t have a professional web designer, you can create your own design by yourself. Whether you need posts for Twitter, graphics for Pinterest, some ads, or banners, you can use Canva’s templates to implement your ideas!

  1. Buffer

It is another tool that is widely popular among professional marketers. 

You can use this software to share your business post at a set timing. If you use a free version, this option will be available only for one social profile. The same thing as when you get VPN free — you have a limited number of options, but it helps you to understand all advantages and disadvantages of a specific product. 

Buffer is a good choice if you need to post photos, videos, or text content on your social media pages. It is user-friendly and very easy to use. For example, you need just one dashboard to schedule different types of content. Share your work with fewer hurdles, and enjoy the results! 

  1. Sendible

If you’re running a digital agency with several customers, you’ll surely appreciate Sendible. First of all, this tool provides you with an opportunity to customize your dashboard in accordance with your branding. There are also amazing integrations such as YouTube search, royalty-free image search. That’s where you’ll appreciate double VPN features because it helps you forget about any geographical restrictions. 

One more profitable Sendible feature is automation. Don’t waste your time on repetitive tasks when you can use this software to schedule your content, integrate it with other sites and platforms, and even add it to Slack. Moreover, this tool reports your agency mentions so that you can be aware of your online presence and respond to people as soon as they need you. 

  1. Sked Social

All marketers these days know about the advantages of Facebook ads. Using it, you can create your website brand and reach your potential customers. However, too many marketers know about this opportunity and use it. That’s why it is not that easy to stand out among other companies and make your ads visible. Therefore agencies are moving towards other platforms, e.g., Instagram that is less scratched. 

Sked Social (you may have heard about them when they were Schedugram) is a tool exactly for Instagram audiences. With it, you can upload content to your account and customize it for bulk sharing. The app’s interface is pretty simple so that it won’t take you much time.

  1. Edgar

We bet that you’re already used to tools that add up all the content in one queue. However, Edgar has a completely different approach. It breaks your content into different categories, and then it provides each of them with a publishing time. It is a good choice for marketers who want to reach certain niches at a set time. 

Edgar is also able to re-post an update so that your posts don’t go unnoticed. You will also appreciate an analytics review of your content. Use this software along with a double VPN to get the most out of your social media. 

  1. Social Pilot

This software is focused on different types of modern social media, from Twitter to Facebook, from Pinterest to Google My Business, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You’ll appreciate its features if you’re running an agency that works with diverse customers. For example, it has white-label reports, and it also can curate and suggest content from different industries. 

This tool provides you with features to interact with an audience as well as manage the auto-posting. Though it doesn’t have an influencer search feature, you can leverage social monitoring and listening opportunities. 

  1. CoSchedule

Looking for the best marketing calendar? CoSchedule is worth taking a look at. This tool is able to manage various aspects of your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re working from the office or from home, you can easily collaborate with your team. Create different tasks, events, posts for social media, and have all of them just in one place. Keep your projects organized with CoSchedule, and save your time and effort. Moreover, this tool can find optimal posting time for you as well as fill some gaps when you have them in your schedule. 

Don’t miss the chance! 

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